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art & soul F uturist and visionary J.C. Ramo postulates an evolving "seventh sense," expanding and supplanting the sixth. As the sixth grew out of society's transformation into a 19th-century industrialized, mercantile, middle class, democratic model, the seventh emerges with the transition to the accelerating new age of constant connection—an age destined to redefi ne us and our world more sweepingly than all prior revolutions of history. These regularly recurring revolutions alter and replace old world orders, leaders, and institutions with new versions, each barely recognizable to the last—more so now than ever. As an astute scholar of humanity's social, economic, and military history, Ramos recounts major features of these remarkable dramas—stone age hunter-gatherer to prehistoric agrarian societies, to ancient conquering empires, their collapse into the long Medieval hibernation, to Renaissance and Enlightenment, feudal to monarchical/colonial to democratic/parliamentarian. We're knee-deep in the rising tide of the world's next great revolution already. Light-speed proliferation of networks of connection re-frame the past as they write the future in code—trade and markets, data pools, DNA, linked terror cells, Arab- spring revolutions, waves of refugees—all driven by network power. With the emergent realm of "Artifi cial I n t e l l i g e n c e " — w h e r e i n computers and robotics process information and act upon it thousands of times faster than their mere human inventors—we verge upon spinning out of control. Ramo remains mostly optimistic, offering directions if not solutions as we leap into the future he describes in striking detail. This book is a must for anyone who thinks he/she knows what's up. (Little, Brown & Co) —Mac Graham BOOKS F ascinating and obscure, hypnotherapist Dr. Newton's spe- cialty is regressing subjects into the spirit world—the life between incarnations—while they are in a "superconscious state of hypnosis." What stands out is the continuity and basic similarity among his subject's descriptions, validating the exis- tence of life after death. Newton's intent, in this volume and its popular predecessor, Journey of Souls, is "to expand our understanding of the in- credible sense of order and planning which exists for the benefi t of human beings." This claim is evinced by a myriad of detailed case studies of his interviews with regressed subjects. Topically they range widely from the process of "Death, Grief, and Com- fort" and "Community Dynamics" (soulmates and affi liated souls), to the specialization of the "Advancing Soul" and "The Ring of Destiny" (screening and selection of future lives). Newton defi nes the soul as "...intelligent light energy (func- tioning as) vibrational waves similar to electromagnetic force, but without the limitations of charged particles of matter." Each soul is entirely unique "in formation, composition, and vibra- tional distribution," but all share a yearning for perfection. One revealing aspect of spiritual life, soul energy di- vision and reunifi cation, de- scribes how a portion of our soul never leaves the spirit world. When we incarnate, we take what energy we think we'll require. We can also divide our soul energy, enabling us to live more than one life simultaneously; although an energetic shortfall may necessitate emergency restoration by our guides at the time of death. The big takeaway here is the absence of judgment and the primacy and abundance of unconditional love, compassion, and inclusion we, as souls in the spirit world, are immersed in. Con- sciously embodying these attributes while incarnate is both our birthright and challenge, freeing us to embrace death fearlessly. (Llewellyn Publications) —Marcy Emmer Graham By Michael Newton, Ph.D. Destiny of Souls BOOKS By Joshua Cooper Ramo Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks New Case Studies of Life Between Lives The Seventh Sense 26 wholelifetimes.com

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