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4 May, 2017 l Working World l W ith help from getAbstract, the world's largest library of business book summaries, Working World takes a quick look at the TOP 5 Business Books. 1. FLAWLESS CONSULTING How to become more successful in your client- consultant relationships and practice. Expert consultant Peter Block's step-by-step guide details how to become more successful in your client-consultant relationships and practice. Block provides process-relevant checklists and topical illustrations that are particularly useful for people who are new to the trade. His message is clear: Dress down, follow your mind and heart, and build relationships. Being an expert consultant does not require gray suits or smart presentations – the only thing "smart" might be the downloading of checklists to your smartphone. The rest is skill and hard work. getAbstract recommends Block's clear, applicable approach to consultants, managers, coaches, doctors, teachers and anyone who works individually with clients. Peter Block | Wiley 1999 | 341 pg. | ISBN: 9780470620748 2. INSIGHT SELLING Tell stories that lead buyers to the value you offer, so they discover it for themselves. The Internet provides such comprehensive product information that B2B buyers needn't deal with B2B sellers until quite late in the sales cycle. At that stage, customers don't need features-and-benefits information; they need specific insights told through stories that are tailored to their situation. Sales-training expert Michael Harris explains how B2B salespeople can deliver these insights for maximum results. His technique transforms B2B prospects' classical wariness of sales representatives into enthusiasm for learning about and buying what they sell. Harris backs up his recommendations with impressive research. He explains why salespeople must be able to tell good stories to win customers. Ironically, the author is a good instructor, but he could be a better storyteller. In most chapters, he explains his point of view quite satisfactorily, but in some, he's confusing and even contradictory. When Harris is on target, his advice is very useful. getAbstract recommends his potent approach to B2B salespeople who need to know how to tell their product's story for maximum sales impact. Michael Harris | Sales & Marketing Press 2014 | 120 pg. | ISBN: 3. ROOKIE SMARTS Eager, curious rookies can outper- form complacent veterans. Leadership expert Liz Wiseman says that "beginner's luck" on a job may be the result of "Rookie Smarts." She contends that experience can become a hindrance when it blinds people to opportunities, inhibits their ability to react or leads them to ignore new input. As newcomers, rookies naturally seek guidance. They welcome opportunities to learn and bring eager energy to the workplace. Drawing from research and interviews, Wiseman identifies the four different mind-sets of rookie smarts: "Backpacker, Hunter- FEATURED ARTICLE by getAbstract Top Business Books

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