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10 SAG-AFTRA | Spring 2017 | A Letter from the Secretary-Treasurer J A N E A U S T I N "It is essential for our members to educate themselves on their contracts … Be sure to learn the provisions and, when needed, report violations." we have been tracking above budget in our income and below budget in our expenses. Investments have steadily been up and we continue adding to our reserves on a monthly basis, not to mention the National Board's approved budget for the fiscal year 2017–2018. Furthermore, in case you hadn't heard, later this year SAG-AFTRA plans to launch direct deposits for residuals, which will be trackable on the mobile app. Regarding payments, it is a good time to remind you to check your paychecks, as it is not unheard of for members to be underpaid or given incorrect checks. This only affirms, again, why contract education is so important to empower yourself. I implore you, know how to inspect your checks when you get them, take pictures of your contracts and your Exhibit G, contact production and, if need be, call the union for assistance. Our dedicated staff is ready to help. All in all, the union is making great progress. I want to acknowledge the efforts of all board and involved members for all the countless hours spent to make SAG-AFTRA united and strong. In unity, Jane Austin Dear Member, A lready we find ourselves at the close of our new year's first quarter, a fact emblematic of just how fast our progress in the last year and early this year has been. Just over a year ago, my reports consisted of post- merger business such as reorganizing our contracts administration; re-establishing field-specified departments like background, stunts, singers and dancers; organizing our national broadcast membership; and announcing plans to open a new member contact center and launch an app. Just as quickly, we have arrived at the quarter's end; these announcements have become history and we propel forward. As one of your national elected leaders, my driving focus has been contract enforcement in order to strengthen our members and our agreements. When approaching this challenge, I like to visualize a triangle with education of our members at the top, supported by the bases of enforcement and organizing. It is essential for our members to educate themselves on their contracts, which are now conveniently on the newly launched app. Be sure to learn the provisions and, when needed, report violations. Free member education workshops concerning contracts for all facets of our industry, be it commercials and theatrical to stunts and background, are offered in many locals and in online videos for your benefit. Highly skilled field reps visit multiple sets each day to protect members and confirm production is implementing contract provisions, but they cannot be everywhere. It is incumbent upon members to report violations so that SAG-AFTRA contracts remain strong. Contact information for each department can be found in this magazine or on a pocket-size 411 card available at most locals. It is with pride that I also can mention the growing outreach of our talent- specified departments, including News & Broadcast and Background, Stunts, Singers, Safety and Dancers. Between Background's useful contract digest that can be found on the app and on the website, monthly new media and theatrical contract workshops, and stunt, singer and dancer panels, it is clear that we are no longer restructuring but are now flourishing instead. A very powerful example of this is our Broadcast Department's triumphant organizing efforts that brought on-air talent from the Spanish Broadcasting System- owned stations La Raza (KLAX/97.9) and MEGA (KXOL/96.3) under the exclusive bargaining representation of SAG-AFTRA. On the financial side, the union is also very healthy. For the past seven quarters,

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