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May-June 2017

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by Gare Cline, Previsualization Artist Previsualization may often seem like a white elephant in the room, slumped in the corner, looking forlorn and hoping for recognition. Few who pass by seem to know what it is (though there is a minority who insist they know everything about it), and even fewer really understand what to do with it. Such is the conundrum of previsualization. What Is Previsualization? Above: Autodesk Maya ® is one of the most commonly used applications to create 3D animated storyboards. Its new Bifröst Ocean Simulation System, shown here, lets you create realistic ocean surfaces with waves, ripples and wakes, Below, both pages: A set of 2D storyboard frames hand-drawn by 28-year-old Assistant Art Director ADG Hall of Fame designer Robert Boyle in 1938 for (to the best of his memory) a 1938 Fritz Lang film called YOU AND ME. A CONUNDRUM:

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