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S uddenly, out of nowhere, a humming- bird appears right in front of my face! He is hovering there in mid-air, looking at me, wings beating furiously fast, creating a sort of whirring noise. I can't help but laugh and, of course, lose my Warrior pose! e hummingbird is there to tell me his feeder is empty. ere is a pause in my practice as I look over at the empty feeder hanging from a tree in my garden, and I know I cannot ignore my winged friend. I can a ord to take a moment out for him – a er all he and his buddies bring me so much entertainment with their an- tics over the course of the day. When I come back outside holding a full feeder of ruby-colored liquid, I nd the hummingbird perched on a slen- der branch waiting patiently. Really, I need not worry that he would starve — there are so many blooming plants for him here in Warrior 1, shifting to Warrior 2, moving through a Sun Salutation, my bare feet planted on my yoga mat… I breathe in deeply. Familiar smells from the canyon reach me – ocean breezes blow over Sage and through Eucalyptus – Even with my eyes closed, I know where I am. I know this place by its familiar scents. And I fi nd calm in that familiarity. april/may 2017 25

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