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W hen you nestle yourself into bed, turn off the bed- side lamp, and close your eyes to your daytime real- ity, your "conscious self" goes to sleep. Meanwhile, your "dreaming self" slips out of the covers and tiptoes up- stairs to the attic of your mind to explore the enchanted realm of dreams. Within this nocturnal territory, you are transported beyond the ego's fi ve senses to a multidimensional playground of unlimited possibilities. In the realm of dreams, you can pe- ruse memories of your past or future, learn a language, con- verse with a departed loved one, study at the feet of a master to receive answers to perplexing questions, discover the solu- tions to a health challenge, or explore the larger meaning of your life. I've been an active dreamer since I was old enough to say, "I had the strangest dream…." I've had dreams that have guided and even saved my life. I've witnessed countless dream-related miracles in the lives of people I've worked with personally and professionally as a certifi ed clinical hypnother- apist for the past twenty years. I've worked with thousands of dreams and dreamers and have written seven books on the subject. HERE ARE A FEW FACTS ABOUT DREAMS: • We all have three to nine dreams every night. • According to the American Hypnosis Association our conscious mind is (at best) 12 percent of our mind's power and our subconscious (dreaming) mind represents at least 88% of our mind's power. • We can all learn to remember our dreams. • Dreams (even the unpleasant ones) can become our greatest allies. • We cannot afford to take our dreams lying down if we want to thrive while being alive. TWO OF THE MOST COMMON QUESTIONS I RECEIVE ARE THESE: • How do I remember my dreams? And… • Once I remember a dream, what do I do with it? TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS, I'VE DEVISED THIS SIMPLE D.R.E.A.M. FORMULA: D—Declaration R—Remembrance E—Embodiment A—Activation M—Mastermind Allow me to elaborate… D IS FOR DECLARATION: The Founding Fathers of America didn't create the Intention of Independence; they created the Declaration of Indepen- dence, and thus a new world was born. Set a dream declaration (an intention on steroids) before going to sleep, as you med- itate, or writing in your journal (i.e. "Tonight I will remember my dreams.") yoga & spirit By Kelly Sullivan Walden It's All in Your Dreams LOOKING FOR THE KEY TO YOUR AWAKENING? 22 wholelifetimes.com

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