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S o, have you had enough stress? Do you want to be done with worry, anxiety, nervousness, eating to soothe jittery nerves, or feeling tied-up in a sea of never-ending con- cerns that resolve for a moment only to give rise to another more intense instance of unease? Do you want to know how to really get a grip on your energy and to control your stress levels while staying in a stable, calm, and powerful place? To truly wipe out stress, you must fi rst understand that feelings of stress or friction are actual forces of energy that cause chemical change and imbalance in our system. These changes can be perceived and felt in a host of ways ranging from: • feeling over-heated • feeling anxious and insecure • experiencing head tension and/or dizziness • having intense back pain Unmanaged stress can even lead to poor decision-making, mood imbalances, injuries, addictions, and even serious disease. When you are stressed or overstimulated, you simply cannot function at your maximum potential. This over-stimulation can make you feel out of control or without power because you are, literally, short circuiting. A great way to understand stress through the eyes of physics and science is to realize that your body is an electromagnetic processor receiving waves of data and new impulses, every single moment. Impulses or data can come in all types of energy forces, ranging from the music you're hearing, to a co-worker's positive or nega- tive emotions, to your child laughing, to the scent of a delicate fl ower. These impulses and stimuli don't always pass through and exit. They can get stuck in the body just like indigestible food that cannot be processed or broken down and is therefore stored, and ultimately causes the body to alter its natural fl ow. Because your body is so sensitive and opens up to new information constantly, your position and motion must be correct in order to move out the stress, and avoid an auto-loop which serves to contain and attract more stress. Many exercises and practices can reduce stress but to eliminate it totally, the body must en- gage new and deeper forces to expand and dis- sipate the negative pressure stress puts on the body. STRESS IS A POSITION YOU HOLD Each time we move our position or the environment shifts, there is a tangible chemical change in our bodies' rhythms. A good example would be falling asleep at night. We fall asleep because the atmosphere cools down at night causing a sink- ing in our bodies. We wake up to the light that rises. These changes can be recreated at will by the positions you take. POSITION IS YOUR PHYSICIAN These are the simple and scientifi c positions that will train your body to chemically move the stress out and change the constrictions rapidly. By engaging and holding these poses and forms, your body connects to new anti-stress forces that can ground and release stress as well as expand the body's power and take in new forces. Once you get a hold of these forces and begin to feel them in your body, you can use the energy to heal. POSITION – "FORCE CONTROL" DIRECTION – FACE WEST DURATION – 2 to 3 minutes (can be done longer if needed) Hold "Force Control" until you feel stable, centered, and strong. This position works to: 1. Control erratic nerve energy, driving it toward the cen- ter of the body. 2. Immediately calm and strengthen the parasympathet- ic nervous system by engaging the ribs and lungs. 3. Engage the spine and heart to regain a sense of bal- ance and focus. EARTH – SOUTH WEST "Mountain Secures Space" This position works to: Engage fi elds that stabilize, strengthen, and straighten the body through the effect of gravitational forces. By achiev- ing a strong connection, the erratic and ungrounded stress charges will begin to balance out. healthy living By Sifu Matthew Forces of Wellness that Decrease Stress POWERS THAT HEAL HOW TO DO IT: 1. Gently pull ankles, thighs, knees, and hips toward each other, creating the feeling of a pillar with your legs. Press feet and toes into the fl oor. 2. Firmly press fi sts on so- lar plexus until you feel the ribs engage. 3. Open nose wide to breathe in deeply and receive new air. 4. Focus on holding the position and on feeling the sensations of strength, clarity, and focus. 5. Concentrate fi rmly on holding that shape with body, mind, and breath. 16 wholelifetimes.com

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