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SPRING 2017 | ADVOCATE 7 D uring the State of the State address, Governor Doug Ducey promised a big commitment to Arizona public education. He stated he would be making a significant investment in Arizona education to tackle the teacher shortage and improve outcomes and results. On January 13, 2017, the Governor's Office released the Fiscal Year 2018-19 Executive budget proposal. So, what does it mean for Arizona educators? Here's what you need to know. General Fund Snapshot $ in thousands FY 2017 FY 2018 Total Revenues 9,763,143 9,802,196 Enacted Base Spending 9,608,269 9,608,269 Baseline Changes 35,790 1,340 New Initiatives 0 175,651 Total Spending 9,644,059 9,785,259 Ending Balance 119,083 16,937 Governor's Investment in Education For FY2018, the Governor plans to make a total education investment of $165 million. Of that investment, $114 million will be designated for K-12 education. K-12 Education $114 million Higher Education $51.8 million Total New Investment $165 million K-12 Education The Governor identified the teacher shortage in Arizona as an issue. Here are his solutions: 1. 2% Teacher Salary Increase The plan is to increase teacher salaries in Arizona by 2% over the next 5 years. In FY2018 the $13.6 million appropriation would result in a 0.4% salary increase. With the average teacher salary being $46,358, the total 2% increase would amount to $927 and teachers would not see that full amount for 5 years. For FY 2018, that would amount to approximately $185 salary increase per teacher. For this pay raise, teacher is defined by Proposition 301. 2. New Teacher Signing Bonus The Governor expressed concern about attracting highly qualified teachers to low-income schools. His solution is a one-time $1,000 signing bonus for new teachers in districts at the capitol Governor's Budget Proposal: What Does It Mean for AZ Educators? Governor Ducey's FY2018 Education Investments Teacher Salary Increase $13.6 million Kindergarten and Early Literacy $10 million New Teacher Bonus $6.4 million Enrollment Reconciliation $20 million Results-Based Funding $37.6 million AZ Education Progress $8.9 million Meter Investments School Facilities Board $17.2 million Building Renewal Total K-12 Investments $113.6 million University One-Time Resources $15 million University Bonding Package $36.8 million Total University Investments $51.8 million or charters where more than 60% of students are eligible for free or reduced lunch. The $6.4 million recommended appropriation for FY2018 would result in signing bonuses for 6,400 new teachers during the 2017-18 school year. 3. Teacher Loan Forgiveness To attract qualified teachers to rural and remote communities, this appropriation would expand the Math, Science and Special Education Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program. The $250,000 recommended appropriation for FY2018 would assist an additional 61 student teachers per year to serve in rural communities. The Governor doubles-down on high-stakes testing: 1. Results-Based Funding The Governor's plan appropriates $38 million in FY2018 to reward schools that are already scoring in the top 10% of AZMerit. Low income schools (schools where 60% or more of the students qualify for free and reduced lunch) that achieve AZMerit scores in the top 10% will receive $400 per pupil. High income schools (schools where less than 60% of the students qualify for free and reduced lunch) that achieve AZMerit scores in the top 10% will receive $225 per pupil.

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