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6 STORAGE SOLUTIONS MARCH 2017 STORAGE SOLUTIONS NAS, SAN and direct attached storage, by making it all work together seamlessly," he reports. Symply has also shown itself to be one of the early players in workflow optimization, which is key to "smaller workgroups that demand the same level of performance as big workgroups," says Gross- man. "We build self-optimizing systems based on the workgroup need, so the storage is smarter." Symply's NAB 2017 will be packed with prod- ucts and technology demos. SymplySHARE will be shown in a live demo. Billed as the first 100 per- cent Xsan-compatible, desktop-shared workgroup solution, it provides super-fast shared storage for small workgroup settings that Grossman calls "the millennial workspace." Users can connect up to eight Thunderbolt workstations and 20 10GbE IP users to SymplySHARE, configure their environment and instantly share up to 128TB of hard-disk storage or a combination of hard disk and SSDs. SymplySHARE is powered by StorNext 5, and uses SymplySTOR RAID units to provide transportable and flexible storage options. It's perfect for 4K and higher-definition edit- ing and finishing. SymplyPRO, which began shipping in February, will also be showcased. An all-in-one collaborative storage workspace, it "combines SAN and NAS with a Linux RAID core and StorNext 5 in a 4U size with up to 24 drives," says Grossman. "With SymplyPRO, you can build out a workspace that previously took a 10U space, was more expensive and drew more power to run." The base system comes with 192TB of storage (expandable to 768TB), quad 16Gb fibre channel and dual 10GbE IP ports per controller sup- porting MacOS, Windows and Linux clients. It's ideal for 4K, 8K, high frame rates and HDR workflows. Symply's NAB booth will also feature Symply- RAID, a high-performance, low-latency RAID storage system for large-scale media workflows; Symply- STOR, a high-performance Thunderbolt 3-enabled storage solution for individual content creators; SymplyGO, a new way to deploy and manage storage workspace in media workflows that's at the heart of every Symply product and the company's SANLink3 next-generation network connectivity for Thunderbolt 3. ATTO Industry trends concerning more and bigger data are pointing the way to product development at ATTO ( "We've watched 4K blossom and 8K gain traction," says Carllene Mowry, ATTO product evangelist for M&E. "Along with 8K, HDR comes into play impacting file size and requirements. We're also looking at VR, not only for consumers but what it means for content developers." While some of these high-res- olution formats may not yet have industry-stan- dard specs, it's already time for tech companies to chart them on their road maps. "We have invested our development efforts in enhancements to products so large data transfers are not only fast but optimized for their environment: Are they streaming to SAN? To direct attached stor- age? To NAS? ATTO looks at the data set require- ments and the efficiencies we can bring to the user based on their deliverables," says Mowry. ATTO is the M&E leader for Fibre Channel, which the company views as key to collaborative workflows. "We are well-entrenched in Gen 6 Fibre Channel with 32-gigabit per second performance that offers the capabilities needed to take content producers from 4K to 8K," she reports. ATTO's NAB booth will include its Celerity line of Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), which en- ables users to collaborate for peak performance even with the most massive file sizes. Celerity 32Gb, 16Gb and 8Gb HBAs cover the full spectrum from enter- prise workgroup and server to workstation environ- ments. They work seamlessly with all Fibre Channel 4, 8 and 16Gb devices. Upgrading to 16Gb Celerity Fi- bre Channel, for example, can double performance of 8Gb SAN networks while preserving existing storage infrastructure investment. "ATTO Celerity is a great fit for collaborative workflows when used with private cloud," says Mowry. ATTO will also display its Thunderbolt 3 technol- ogy at NAB. Its strong range of ThunderLink prod- ucts enables storage and network connectivity to SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel or Ethernet devices for Thunderbolt-enabled workbooks and workstations. "They offer high-performance mobile workstation connectivity with Thunderbolt 3 interfaces," Mowry explains. "The devices connect Thunderbolt 3 to 40- or 10-gigabit Ethernet or 32-gigabit Fibre Channel." NAB showgoers will also see ATTO's FastFrame 40Gb Ethernet Network Interface Cards, which provide connectivity for workstations or servers to networked environments. ATTO is expected to bring new offerings to NAB, too, where the company will be listening hard to customers and prospective. "The feedback we get at NAB gives us insight and guidance for our road map and helps determine where we'll head with our product plans." ATTO ThunderLink

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