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STORAGE SOLUTIONS Katz notes that while SSDs have increased in ca- pacity and reduced their cost-per-terabyte over the last year, the advance of NVMe technology now of- fers higher performance for less cost. "I think NVMe will take over the space for most high-end applica- tions," he forecasts. "It's economical in cost-per-Gi- gabyte, takes up less space, weighs less, is less complicated since you don't need a bridge controller and it's much higher performance. Users get more bang for the buck." SYMPLY Although Symply (www. launched little more than a year ago, the high-performance storage provider is not new to either storage or the M&E space. Alex Grossman, its CEO, had responsibility for all server and storage products for seven years at Apple and then started Active Storage. "We've been following the way people work with storage in M&E and felt we could take the newer hardware and software technologies and add a new dimension to storage," says Grossman. "We're also known for making storage easier." Symply has partnered with several companies to build on a base of solid commodities and add its "special sauce" to create Symply-branded prod- ucts, Grossman explains. Partners include Promise Technology for RAID technology and Quantum for StorNext 5 file sharing. This approach has enabled Symply to "build extremely unique products for high resolution, high frame rate and HDR in a way that's less expensive than anyone else. We've eliminated the war between SymplySHARE Symply's Alex Grossman Shared Storage Solutions for Collaborative Media Production Networks NAB 2017 Booth SL7920 Facilis FastTracker Facilis Web Console Facilis Hybrid24 & SSD8 Facilis TerraBlock & TX16 Expansion Facilis Hub Server Stack

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