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68  /  the tasting panel  /  march 2017 The Audacity of Hopes End T he mantra of Angove Family Winemakers' newest project, Hopes End, is to "celebrate the courage of those willing to go on a voyage of uncertainty." Indeed, the Angove family itself was established in South Australia thanks to one such journey. In 1886, Dr. William T. Angove, a young doctor from the gritty English mining areas of Cornwall, embarked with his family on a treacherous journey to the other side of the world, working as a ship's surgeon to secure his passage. He had hoped for a better life than they currently had in England and yet at the end of his voyage found only lawless- ness, squalor and vice at aptly-named Port Misery in South Australia. But from this disappointment came a new beginning and the extraordinary idea to make a different kind of medicine: wine. The hard work of the good doctor has endured through five generations of Angove winemakers, each of which has built on the previous generations' good fortune and hard work. These endeavors are manifested full-fold in the Hopes End red blend. "Being a fifth-generation family member, we've signaled a new era of embracing our rich heritage with the release of Hopes End, while still working on defining our legacy for years to come," explains Richard Angove. "Hopes End is inspired by Australia's dark, storied past and the unique experi- ence and journey to 19th century South Australia. The brand celebrates adventure, intrigue and journeys into the unknown. We wanted to ensure that we were indeed telling the true story of the South Australian free settlers in an interesting way, while being able to support the wine we all wanted to share with the U.S." South Australia was set up as a "free settler state," with the guiding principle behind settle- ment one of systematic colonization. The plan for the colony was that it would be the ideal embodiment of the best qualities of British society, as well as to establish the province as a center of civilization for free immigrants, promising civil liberties and religious tolerance. As it was believed that this would also result in very little crime within the small cohort of initial settlers, no professional police were sent. by Karen Moneymaker Richard, Victoria and John Angove helm Angove Family Winemakers. THE NEWEST WINE PROJECT FROM ANGOVE FAMILY WINEMAKERS HARKENS BACK TO SOUTH AUSTRALIA'S RICH HISTORY—AND THE POWER OF HOPE

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