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March 2017

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4 / the tasting panel / march 2017 Life can certainly present challenges. There are even those times when you wonder whether the struggle is worth the effort. But there are things that can soften the blows and bring you back from the preci- pice. A glass of wine is one of those things. Think of all the times when you were sad, exhausted, angry, hurt, humiliated—and a glass of wine came to the rescue. That silky liquid calmed your fears, soothed your hurt, revived you. There are wonderful things that give life texture and bring humanity and depth. These are the things that make life livable, even enjoyable—the things that elevate us from other species. Wine is one of those things. Art is another; music is yet another. Actually, there is a special affinity between wine and music. I have yet to meet a wine lover who isn't also a music lover. What is it that ties these two extremely human forms of expres- sion together? To begin with, they are both examples of the best that man can achieve. They are the most civilized, the most cere- bral, the purest and most elevated of human expressions. It isn't coincidental that so many wineries offer concert pro- grams. The blend of a cool summer evening, the smell of blooming wild flowers and freshly cut grass, a bright glass of young wine and music is a combination that is difficult to beat, and no one brings together wine and music more clearly than the team at Wente Vineyards, where fifth-generation winegrower Karl D. Wente brings his passion for both music and wine to life. Starting with the April issue, we have partnered with the music aficionados at Wente Vineyards on their Make Time For Music (#MTFM) movement to offer our readers the opportunity to talk about how they carve time out of their busy lives to #MTFM. If you're interested in being part of this series, contact Rachel Burkons at And grab a glass of wine while you seek musical inspiration on the @MakeTimeForMusic Instagram account! Anthony Dias Blue Making Time for Music LETTER FROM THE EDITOR FOR MUSIC MAKE TIME

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