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CLOUD WORKFLOW [ Cont.from 20 ] creating those economies of scale that are difficult to achieve at individual companies." Both Nirvanix and Amazon allow a pay-as- you-go model, which in 2008 allowed a fledgling Extreme Reach to grow their business and then add more storage as they grew without a huge financial investment. Brackett says Extreme Reach is happy using both Nirvanix and Amazon S3 storage solutions, explain- ing they are very different from one another — a direct service model via Nirvanix versus a self-ser- vice model via Amazon. He likens Amazon to the discount warehouse RENT ALS [ Cont.from 42 ] ogy and production. "We have held workshops for Local 600, HBO, Comedy Central, NYU, and many others," explains Shipsides. "We also host workshops with the likes of Philip Bloom, THX and Doug Jensen." Information on upcoming classes can be found on their Website. But in order to train customers they need to keep up to date themselves. "We have to be familiar with it [ Cont.from 48 ] (+/-2dB). An input sensitivity model. "They are huge and you get great pricing, and a pretty good set of products for cloud, but you don't really have a high degree of service. You use them like you use the electric grid." Brackett says Nirvanix is more like your local hard- ware store, where you know the people there, and they do a great job for you day in and day out. You call them up and they will answer the phone. "You get a higher degree of service. You can work with their engineers to solve a problem. Amazon is a completely different order of magnitude of scale. But when you talk about storage and what we need as a company, Nirvanix has all the capacity we need." & RESELLERS in order to properly offer our clients the best solu- tions, whether in sales, rental or training," says Ship- sides. "We work with manufacturers directly to get new products and test them. Our staff evaluates the technology both in terms of performance and how well it integrates with other products that we sell. Many of our staff members have on-set experience, which helps in that process." MONITORS trim control adjusts for -30dB to +6dB. There are inputs for XLR, TRS, and unbalanced RCA. And, of course, the power switch. At less than $1,000 a pair, the Rokit RP10-3 offers something a lot of monitors at that price point don't: dominance. They look big, and the signature yellow woofer cones grab your attention. If you're looking to make an impact in your studio, take a look at the Rokit RP10-3. Even if they don't end up being your main mixing monitors, it's good to have "big" speakers to run a mix through when you need to "wow" a client. Though they've been around for over a decade, Event Electronics is now part of Freedman Electron- ics, which also creates Rode Microphones. After the acquisition, there were some major changes to Event Electronics, and the release of the Event Opal put a seri- ous new face to the Event name. The now Australia- based company retains the core belief of making low- cost, high-performance monitors. The 2030 is the first three-way monitor that Event offers. The tweeter and midwoofer are stacked on one side, and both are powered by one 120-watt amp (which is 80-watt continuous). The woofer is powered by its own 120-watt amp (80-watt RMS). There are two different models, "left" and "right." The low fre- quency amplifier features "soft-clipping" that prevents the amplifier's output waveform from becoming jag- ged or harsh no matter what the output level. The aluminum alloy tweeter uses ferrofluid to help control distortion and cool the tweeter voice coil. The tweeter and midwoofer are set into shal- low waveguides that help evenly disperse the signal for a flatter response. On the rear panel is an XLR input, plus a gain con- Vital Stats: Classifieds HELP WANTED ADVERTISING SALES REP. Ad Sales Rep needed for advertising sales in the Post Production and Computer Graphics World. The purpose of the position is to generate classified advertising sales for the publications CGW & Post Magazine in the areas of Rapid Prototyping (3D printing), Camera, Displays/monitors/pro- jectors, Workstations (mobile, desktop), GPUs/CPUs, Input devices (mice, scanners, etc), Motion-capture, Service provider, modeling, 3D animation, Education/training, 2D modeling, 3D Compositing, Rendering, Light- ing, Editing, CAD/CAM/CAE/CAA, AI/VR (including head- mounted displays), Game engines, Middleware, Texturing, Simulation, Plug-ins, Web content tools, Music Libraries, Stock Footage, Large File Transfer companies , Studios. Full-time position. Operates from office when not traveling. Skills/Qualifications: Customer Service, Meeting Sales Goals, Closing Skills,Prospecting Skills, Negotiation, Self- Confidence, Product Knowledge, Presentation Skills, Client Relationships, Motivation for Sales. Send cover letter and resume to CSR Our local office in Glendale, CA is seeking a Customer Service Representative to be the first point of contact with our print customers. Our customer service repre- sentatives are passionate, customer-focused professionals with outstanding people skills and the desire to help us grow our business through hard work and innovative thinking! Event 2030 (www.eventelectronics. com/2030) Cost: $599 each 3-way active monitor with 120W + 120W class A/B amplifiers .75" tweeter, 3.3" midwoofer, 7.1" woofer Dimensions: (H x W x D): 10.2" x 14.8" x 12.2" Weight: 32lbs Frequency response: 38Hz – 22kHz Crossover frequency: At 3 kHz; 400Hz Max SPL: 114 dB trol to adjust input sensitivity from -12dB to +12dB. There's an HF Shelf filter starting at 2kHz, adjustable by +/-3dB, and a LF Shelf filter starting at 200Hz, adjustable by +/-3dB. The 2030 uses a bass reflex design with the bass port located at the back. The Event 2030, like the Event Opal, offers accu- racy and detail across a wide frequency spectrum. The Event 2030 borrows some of the same technology that the Event Opals have. The 2030 also offers a lot of the same design features that other higher-priced three-way monitors have, but without all the extras that can unnecessarily inflate the price. As a customer service professional, your responsibilities will include: • Responding to service requests. • Investigating and resolving customer questions and concerns efficiently and compassionately. • Preparing and distributing reports (utilizing various proprietary systems) on a regular and timely basis. • Assisting with various administrative duties, such as filing, data entry, and ensuring SOP compliance. • Participating in inside sales activities. Successful team members also possess the following qualifications: • A High School Diploma or equivalent. Preferably a College Graduate. • At least 2 years of experience in a customer ser- vice or call-center environment. • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Strong data entry/typing skills. • The ability to multi-task and prioritize multiple assignments. Send cover letter and resume to For Advertising Rates & Schedules: POST Magazine, 620 West Elk Ave., Glendale, CA 91204; Western Region 818-291-1153, Fax: 818-547-4607; Eastern Region 781-255-0625 Fax: 781-255-0431 Post • August 2012 55 Storage,

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