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February / March 2017

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business cards as they magnetically attract busi- ness and clients everywhere they go. Give me some of that! By valuing and loving ourselves more, we be- come much better at setting boundaries, hon- oring our time, and asking for money and help from others. Make it a daily practice to shed all that no longer serves you and to stand powerfully in your own truth. Toss the people-pleasing and learn to grace- fully speak your truth. Implement strategies and habits that lead to putting yourself and your well-being first. e best way to inspire others is to commit yourself to ac- tion. Be the change. It's easy to make our lives look pretty on social media but let's remember that our actual lives should be pretty too! Is there an app for this? Make small changes in your own life to- wards simplicity, mindfulness, and well-being. Your body and your bank account will thank you. Simple changes implemented with commitment and consis- tency, lead to true transformation. 3. Leverage your Way to the Top It took me a while (about two decades) but I finally kicked my 'I have to do it myself to do it right' mantra. is practice was not only exhausting but expensive! Why? Because it keeps us distracted from living our genius. It drowns our time and our gis in the trivial and meaningless. Learn to leverage that which you understand but have no desire to master. You may be good at something but if it isn't your genius, be mindful of hemorrhaging too much time. Remember that you can leverage more than your money. Learn to get really great at leveraging time, people, and other people's genius. You don't need to know everything, you just need to get really good and really creative at finding out who does. Don't try to be perfect, just be imperfectly you. e world needs you to be. e great thing about leverage is that it's also the secret to wealth creation. Creating more systems and networks in your business and personal life are keys to creating holistic wealth. 4. Design a Life and a Legacy e trouble with traditional wealth creation is that we got caught up following someone else's plan for our lives. We let ourselves fall victim to the opinions and judgements of others. In order to cre- ate holistic wealth, we must fully embrace the driver's seat of our own life. We must become a visionary. We must set clear goals and intentions that are not only going to benefit us today but decades from now. Learning to make decisions today that benefit the long- term is a skill I continue to develop daily. Short-term gratification can no longer be an addiction. We must learn to discipline our- selves into making healthy, aligned, and harmonious lifestyle and financial choices. One of the most critical pieces to lifestyle and legacy design is healthy cash flow. Not prioritizing cash flow, is one of the key reasons people give up on designing their dream life and on creating a legacy. When we're chronically stuck living paycheck to paycheck , it drains our souls and our dreams. Make it a priority to become a cash flow queen (or king). Other strategies include automating wealth-creating activities, saving more than you spend, and learning to sleep wealthy (making money while you sleep). 5. Return to Simplicity We may think we're masters at multitasking but we have forgotten that simple is always better. Return to your roots and your center this year and make simplicity your most sa- cred practice. Make breathing more and do- ing less your practice in 2017. Remember how peaceful and harmonious you feel when you don't have a million things to focus on and get accomplished. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you. I am committed to deepening my mindful money-making practice even further in 2017. This practice requires a commit- ment to patience, self-worth, well-being, and simplicity. Make 2017 your year of Beautiful Money. Holistic wealth expert and best-selling author Leanne Jacobs' brand new release is Beautiful Money: The 4-Week Total Wealth Makeover (TarcherPerigee). Visit http://leannejacobs.com. Leverage Be Well! february/march 2017 27

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