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February / March 2017

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E veryone has the power within themselves to naturally bring positivity, health, and well-being into their lives— and it all starts with whole-hearted living. It's about using your inner strength to achieve your goals or improve how you feel. It's about keeping your heart open to yourself, others, and the limitless possibilities around you. One way to enjoy vibrant, healthy living is to start by mindful eating. HERE ARE 10 TIPS TO CONSIDER WHEN SITTING DOWN TO DINE: START WITH SMALL HELPINGS OF EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO TASTE, THEN GO BACK FOR MORE LATER. We tend to pile our plates to the ceiling at the fi rst sign of food. Consider a "sampler" plate, taste everything, then decide what you like most and go back for seconds. That way you're not eating more than your fi ll just because it's on your plate. FOR EVERY BITE OF FOOD YOU EAT, THINK OF FIVE ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE IT. The fi rst few bites will taste like heaven. But stopping to think of fi ve ways to describe every bite will mean you will notice when you no longer want to eat this specifi c food. The pleasure of the taste of food fades after the fi rst few bites. After that, we just continue to eat automatically. Short-circuiting the mindless eating will help you enjoy your food more and eat just the right amount to nourish your body. DO NOT GUILT YOURSELF. Tune into your thoughts as you eat. If you hear yourself think- ing, "I shouldn't eat this huge portion of mashed potatoes!" "I'm going to weigh 300 lbs after all of this!" "I so need to go to spinning class on Monday to make up for this!" or "I'm such a pig!" Stop right there! Putting yourself down will only send you into an automatic stress response that causes you to eat more just to drown out your feelings and the voice of your pesky in- ner critic. Instead, try to rewire your relation- ship to food by consciously picking foods that will feel good and nourishing to eat, no matter the calorie count. TUNE INTO THE SMELL, FEEL, TASTE, SIGHT, AND SOUND OF YOUR FOOD. Take the time to admire the colors, the tex- ture, the scent, the fl avors, and the crunch of your food in your mouth. Really feel into the experience of eating and notice how much more you enjoy your food. THINK ABOUT EVERY STEP YOUR FOOD TOOK ALONG THE WAY TO GET TO YOUR PLATE. Think of the farmers, the drivers, the grocery clerks, the chefs, and the members of your family that were involved in the journey of your food. Show them respect by savoring the food with reverence rather than hastily shoving it down your throat without a thought. NOTICE THE MOMENT YOUR MIND GOES, "SHOULD I EAT THIS NEXT BITE?" The moment that happens, stop eating. As long as your body is wholeheartedly ready for food, food is nourishing. The mo- ment there is hesitancy about whether body or mind wants food, then any more food consumption is excessive. Remem- ber, you can always go back for leftovers later! THINK FROM A PLACE OF ABUNDANCE, NOT LACK. Sometimes, worries about not getting your favorite piece of chicken or the macaroni and cheese running out can get in the way of your meal. That's because you may inherently believe that there isn't enough. Shift your mentality to abundance and healthy living By Tina Chadda, M.D. 10 Mindful Eating Tips for a Heathful Lifestyle HAVING THAT EXTRA "PEACE" Start Small Notice Hesitation Contemplate the Less Fortunate Think Abundance Thank Your Body Express Gratitude Tune In Describe Your Food Think About Food Origins Don't Guilt Yourself 12 wholelifetimes.com

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