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72 { THE SOMM JOURNAL } FEBRUARY/MARCH 2017 The Necsulescu family runs the Jidvei wines enterprise, and they do so with fervor and diligence. The idea to invest in the wine industry belongs to Claudiu Necsulescu, current President of the company. His father, Liviu Necsulescu, a man who turned up the music to dance on several occasions—morning, afternoon and evening—emanated charisma and a lust for life. He triumphed in the cereal stock exchange after the fall of communism and furthered his investments in the animal trade with Turkey and the Middle East. Although it was not translated, and said in a joking manner, Liviu clearly stated that the Jidvei investment venture was possible because of his success. Claudiu Necsulescu tapped his own engineering background to take aim at creating a wine business in an area that could only thrive, but the project needed concerted attention and investment. Keeping it in the family, Claudiu Necsulescu's two daughters are now preparing to take the reins. Maria currently serves as Executive Vice President; Ana is currently working in the marketing and branding department in the company but probably will go back to school for an MBA next year. Jidvei wines lies in the heart of Transilvania (their preferred spelling), in the northern center of Romania. The commune of Jidvei includes five villages, one its namesake, and sits within the Târnave wine region, arguably the most promising in the nation. The area falls between two rivers, Târnave Mare (big river) and Târnave Mica (small river) and is fully surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. This cooler and more continental climate makes the expanse primarily a white wine region, with native varieties Feteasca˘ Regala˘ and Feteasca˘ Alba˘, as local favorites, but Jidvei has planted Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Muscat Ottonel as well as small quantities of Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon (the first reds planted in the region). The Necsulescu family owns Jidvei wines. Liviu, Maria and Claudiu stand outside of the main Jidvei gate on a chilly afternoon. My gracious hosts: owner Liviu Necsulescu, Export Manager Ioana Benga and Export Director Mihai Chitic.

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