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Winter 2017 The Costume Designer 47 IN FOCUS BOLDFACE NAMES BFN - WORK Archer, CD Christine Jordan The Emmy® Award-winning animated spy series Archer in- vited CD Christine Jordan to design period-accurate 1947 and WWII costumes for the cast. As an animated series, the de- sign process was completely different. Each character had a fit model, who was photographed from head to toe in costumes, including period undergarments, hats, and gloves. The models simulate different poses and actions to capture the natural way the garments and fabrics drape on the body. Finally, artists use the reference photos to draw the show's unique illustrations. Being a longtime fan of the show, Jordan was thrilled to dress Sterling Archer, one of the 25 best-dressed men on television. CD Shawna Trpcic is designing season 3 of Comedy Central's Another Period: a Keeping Up with the Kardashians spoof set in 1910 Rhode Island. Directed by Jeremy Konner, the show is filmed at a mansion in Los Feliz. It shoots one episode every four days, with 15 main cast members, plus guest stars, and back- ground—all in period costumes with stunts, blood, water, and food gags. Trpcic is kept on her toes. CD Marissa Borsetto just finished the hilarious comedy Guest Book, a CBS Studios production airing on TBS from the one-man dynamo creator/writer/show runner Greg Garcia. Set in a rental cabin in Big Bear, with Garret Dillahunt, Carly Jibson, Aloma Wright, and Charlie Robinson playing the cabin owners and townspeople, each episode is a different story with all new characters at the cabin. Garcia would cross-board two shows at a time, so in a given week, Borsetto would provide up to 80 cos- tumes. Keeping up her momentum, Borsetto is also designing Chuck Lorre's Disjointed, a Warner Bros. production on Netflix, with David Javerbaum as show runner. Starring Kathy Bates as the owner of a pot dispensary, there are different directors for each show. Borsetto says that it is interesting to work on a multi- cam for a cable network because the writers have the freedom to use any word under the sun. The audience is shocked, but it makes it real. Principal photography just wrapped on Diverted Eden, shot in Los Angeles and Orange County. CD Mikael Sharafyan designed the crime drama, written and directed by Prince Bag- dasarian. The story revolves around Dane Hunt (Daniel Josev), a father who takes matters into his own hands after his 7-year-old son Eden (Trinity Valenzuela) is kidnapped during a home inva- sion. Extreme rain, cold, and wind plagued the shoot. Luckily, the storyline took place in winter, so the costumes were winter sympathetic. Sharafyan was prepared with towels, umbrellas, and hand warmers to keep his actors from discomfort. CD Mikael Sharafyan, Diverted Eden Designing the third installment in the beloved franchise Pitch Perfect, CD Salvador Perez finds himself in Atlanta instead of Baton Rouge, with much better shopping, teaming up with producer Elizabeth Banks and director Trish Sie. Perez balances the act between the multitudes of new costume builds, while being happy that he had some of the original pieces stored from the previous flicks. Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson return as headliners. CD Salvador Perez and producer Elizabeth Banks

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