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Winter 2017

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38 The Costume Designer Winter 2017 Lois DeArmond BY CHRISTINE COVER FERRO I llustrator and assistant Costume Designer Lois DeArmond didn't know that costume illustration was a career choice when it came looking for her. She was in class at Chouinard Art Institute, which would merge with Los Angeles Conservatory of Music to become Cal Arts prior to her graduation. A call came into the school from production and Costume Designer Dennis Lynton Clark. Mr. Clark had the upcoming weekend to create more costume sketches than one person possibly could handle and had called the school looking for students to assist him. DeArmond, known to her faculty for having a clear affinity for historical costume, was recommended. By the time the sketches were delivered the following Monday, DeArmond knew that this was exactly what she wanted to do with her career. The film was A Man Called Horse, and she would go on to work for Clark on several projects over the next few months. Before joining the CDG in 1985, DeArmond worked in the Los Angeles garment industry as a menswear textile designer, including a two-year stint with Kennington Ltd. At costume supervisor Bob Mathews' recommendation, DeArmond visited Bill Hargate with her portfolio. "Bill was very helpful to me, and actually got me a job at Disneyland in 1983 in the cos- tume department doing costume sketches freelance for the Costume Designer, who at that time was Jack Muhs, a very nice man," recalls DeArmond. Distinguished Service Award From Wild Bill, CD Dan Moore. Soldier, The Birth of a Nation, CD Francine Jamison-Tanchuck.

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