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August/September 2012

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Contributors Derek Beres While I've failed miserably at surfing in the past, I immediately understood the metaphori- cal connection to yoga—knowing what you can change, knowing what you cannot, and the difference between the two. To catch a wave you have to surrender to the ocean's rhythm, and yet, when the time comes, take control and move ahead fearlessly. Caroline Ryder a lifelong believer in girl power, I was excited to talk to Yogmata Keiko aikawa, the first woman and first non-Indian to publicly achieve samadhi, a state of vir- tual death, entombed in an airless pit for three days in a state of deep meditation. she was alive and well when we chatted via skype, shortly after the workshop she held in L.a. (she's holding another in October), and was kind enough to invite me to her "peace and love" camp at the upcoming Kumbh Mela in India. Tracy Krulik When I learned that I had an incurable but, thank- fully, slow-growing form of pancreatic cancer in 2007, I decided to turn my body into a fortress of health through a plant-based, whole-foods diet, loads of exercise and as few medications as possible. so when my dermatologist suggested that I have wrinkle-fillers injected into my face I felt conflicted. Could my holistic approach to life include injections to make me look younger? Arun Deva Yoga saved my life. and then it added purpose. Having grown up in the tradition, I later sought out the most authentic teachers. I feel I have been most fortunate in finding them. Now it is impor- tant for me to pass these ancient teachings on as meaningfully as I can. In classes, in retreats, in clinical work, in lectures and in writings, in every breath, this is my yoga. 10 wholelifetimesmagazine.com

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