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from the editor a request for information about a story in a WLT issue from more than 30 years ago (pg. 9). We're feeling pretty good about that, in spite of, or maybe especially because of, the many challenges to print media these days. We were sad to see Whol son Calendar stop publishing; Leslie schneider and teresting ways. For starters, check out our featured yogi in PIYC (People in Your Community, pg. 14) and before you read a word, guess how old she is. We were inspired. Then last week we received a call from a 91-year-old woman who read that story and was looking for a place to buy two of the supplements we mentioned. she's still driving, has a delightful spirit, and clearly has every intention of maintain- ing her health and energy. I won't share her name cause she confessed she doesn't usually reveal her age, since most people think she's in her 70s. and in another kind of longevity, we received Dear reaDers, In our last issue we featured a story about supplements for a long, healthy life ("Beyond the Blueberry: New- est supplements in the fight against aging"), and the universe re- sponded in some in- Professional Distribution Management Services For free newspapers & magazines provided by: News To Go ® Serving the Los Angeles area since 1978 www.newstogo.net distribution@newstogo.net 310-444-NEWS email: 8 wholelifetimesmagazine.com then Monte Ferris did a truly fine job of consolidat- ing La-area events for many years, and their publi- cation will be missed in our community. However, we're happy to report that WLT is healthy and vital, and if you enjoy our magazine and want to keep reading it for years to come, please help us keep it that way by supporting our wonderful advertisers. We're able to give you our magazine for free because they cover the expenses, so please look here first for not just entertainment and information, but also the products and services you need to live an aware and enlightened lifestyle. We like being part of the holistic community. EDITOR IN CHIEF Abigail Lewis Elissa Michaud Bostrom Graphics ADVERTISING DIRECTOR GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTRIBUTING WRITERS We really don't think of ourselves as just a maga- zine; we're a network of people who share a way of thinking and living, and our network just got tighter. We present different approaches, but our variety of subject matter and perspective encompasses the whole range of health and sus- Jeffrey Ainis, Nadia Ali, Lili Barsha, Derek Beres, Sandi Berg, Joanna Cazden, Conor Creighton, Kim Dinan, Maria Fotopoulos, Lara Hermanson, Katherine Jamieson, Jen Jones, Siel Ju, Emily Lewis, Amy Lyons, Celeste Perron, Jenny Rough, Caroline Ryder FACTCHECKER Jennifer Summers CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS COVER PHOTOGRAPHY TK HOLISTIC SERVICE DIRECTORY ADVERTISING Lara Hermanson (x 106) Lara@wholelifemagazine.com DISPLAY & DIRECTORY ADVERTISING LeeAnn Christian (x 103) LeeAnn@wholelifemagazine.com Raisah Ali, Danny Clinch, Kim Cooper, Steve Ryan, Sera Timms sometimes it's nice to get "a little help from our friends." Last issue's story about a psychic who was the catalyst for change in someone's life brought a lot of inquiries, and it's understandable to think that what worked for one writer will work for you. But finding the right psychic is like finding the right thera- pist, neighborhood or bathing suit for you—there's no one-size-fits-all. so please try one of the talented psychics you find in our pages, and let us know how it goes. You'll find a "web only" story on our site that will help you get the most out of your visit. You'll find other unique stories on our website as well, things we can't fit into the magazine for one reason or another, so check in from time to time at www.wholelifemagazine.com. In this, our yoga issue, we're proud to bring you wh le life e Per- times PUBLISHED BY From my heart, an exclusive interview with a local boy who has gone on to international surfing fame, Greg Long (pg. 32). Greg finds that yoga helps him with surfing, as it helps with so many things. surfing is a solo pursuit, not done in community, yet Greg is probably the first person in the history of the sport to share his prize money with his competitors. Many of our readers are experienced yogis, but even some of them may not be clear about the infa- mous eight limbs (pg. 34). This practice is definitely more complex than downward dog and sun salutation. and if you're a dog lover, don't miss the ex- planation of how to keep a companion dog in a no-pets building (pg. 20). If you're headed to the beach or out of town this Whole Life Times, a division of Whole Life Media, LLC Whole Life Media, LLC 23705 Vanowen St., #306 West Hills, CA 91307 Phone: 877.807.2599 / 310.425.3056 Fax: 310.933.1693 Web: wholelifemagazine.com e-mail: info@wholelifemagazine.com WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH US VIS EMAIL summer, take us along. We're fully downloadable to your smart phone or tablet. Happy reading! Please put the nature of your e-mail in the subject line, e.g. "Letter to the Editor" TO SUBMIT A LETTER TO THE EDITOR, SUGGEST A NEW BOOK FOR REVIEW OR SUBMIT A STORY IDEA FOR CONSIDERATION e-mail abigail@wholelifemagazine.com Send information to Whole Life Times Attn: Editor, 23705 Vanowen St., #306 West Hills, CA 91307 TO SUGGEST AN EVENT FOR THE CALENDAR TO FIND A COPY OF THE MAGAZINE OR BECOME A NEW DISTRIBUTION SITE e-mail distribution@wholelifemagazine.com TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER www.twitter.com/wholelifetimes Visit wholelifemagazine.com and select e-magazine tab from the top menu. Follow the prompts. Visit wholelifemagazine.com, select the calendar link under the options menu, and follow the prompts. tainability issues, both individual and communal. Find what attracts you, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or intuitively. stretch your curiosity, learn something new, and see where it leads you. Our pages and our/your community can help you in creating the life you envision for yourself and for our world. WLT is an authentic voice in a sea of media hype, so use it as a tool in your own growth and understanding. We all know the answers come from inside, but

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