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your age and circumstances. in your growing years, your practice may move you strongly toward creating the pose. as you move into your working years, your practice works hard to maintain your pose. and as you move into your mature years, the practice takes you into that which can be sustained once you are in your pose. the fourth limb is pranayama and is of as healing is personal, so is yoga. the application may vary with tention turning inward. this is a signal that we are moving in the right direction, and it is logical to encourage this. called pratyahara, this fifth limb strengthens our inner focus. it is the prerequisite to the antaranga, the three inner and most healing limbs of yoga, which are expressed as meditation. Meditation itself is in three parts: the effort required to get to two types. one is to simply encourage the proper flow of breath and its energy, strength- ening the mind. it is the key to a proper asana practice. the technical definition, however, refers to that control of inhalation, exhalation and retention that can be accessed as a result of the above. as we go deeper, we may find our at- stillness, dharana; staying in stillness, dhyana and finally, samadhi: absorption. union. Bliss. all the above are part and parcel of raja Yoga, or the royal In the healing path of yoga, the path, the tools and the joy are never separated. essary benefits but the shaking of the container to keep them together must be skillful and constant. the purpose of money is to act as an exchange of energy. the power of yoga is to heal. it is important to remember what we are selling and buying. a skillful yoga teacher or school knows that in this "union" the authenticity of what is be- ing exchanged is always based primarily upon the principles of yoga and not those of business, which will dilute the product and perhaps render it meaning- less or even harmful. if philosophy sets our as with oil and water, their coming together may bring nec- path of yoga, the path, the tools and the joy are never separat- ed. this is true healing: as an idea, as the work, and eventually as the stillness at the end of the practice. n path toward samadhi, then science gives us the tools of the path and the art/ practice becomes the joy- ous work. in the healing * in raja Yoga, the word "infinite" traditionally begins with an upper-case letter. Path. a secondary pathway, hatha yoga, or the yoga of force of will, gives us the tools that inform this royal Path. all schools adhere to these tools but vary their methodology based on the unique experiences of their founders. it is important to recognize that though all styles are relevant, not all are compatible. having decided that compatibility between principles is essen- tial for a harmonious union and conversely, incompatible principles sometimes have to be forcefully kept in harmony, we come to a sticky point: the relationship between yoga and money. yoga teacher. he is the founder of arunachala Yoga & ayurveda, and teaches in the la area and internationally. arun Deva, Dasc, aYt, e-rYt(500) is a senior ayurvedic Practitioner , ayur*yoga therapist and Vinyasa Krama certified August/September 2012 35

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