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city of angels needs to include everyone—the 100%. "The movement was suppressed because it was per- ceived as antagonistic; in order to bring about change, you need everyone on-board," explained Hennessey. More interested in solutions than pro- test, he and his partner, Laura Maples, devoted their energies to starting a LoveEvolution. Their goal: to spread love in a world preoccupied with its opposite. Meanwhile, back in San Francisco, Scotty Miller TriP I Love is a Climb aboard the 100% magic bus n 2011, Patrick Hennessey came out of New York's Zuccotti Park with the certitude that the theme of "Occupy" WHAT COUNTS? From 24-Hour Fitness classes to YouTube tutori- als, the mega-rise of yoga appears to imply a secu- larization of the ancient practice. Nonetheless, yoga's spiritual characteristics have been incorpo- rated and adapted to everything from religious and intellectual applications to broad cultural enrich- ment and higher education. U.S. citizens who practiced yoga in 1990 of U.S. citizens who practice yoga 1 Million Number of 30 Million Number 300 Million Number of people who practice yoga worldwide 20 Percent of U.S. yoga practi- tioners who live on the West Coast had been leading the Love Parade for the past decade in a converted school bus, the Magic Bus, designed and painted by Peri Pfenninger. They joined forces, formed a seven-member crew by inviting "anyone" online via www.magiclovebus.org, and set out across the country to "heal divisions coast-to-coast by bringing people of all colors, creeds and classes together to share music, food, ideas and their hearts." "Our dream and intention is to manifest 2012 as a year of conscious awakening…we intend to Top: MLB sendoff at the annual San Francisco Love Parade. Bottom: Laura Maples with The LovEvolution's Magic Love Bus Journey 2012 inspire people to vote every day by consciously choosing what we buy, think or feel, from the clothing we wear to the food and media we consume," said Hennessey, aka Kernel Love Joy. "How does one go about 'healing divisions,' or even finding them, for that matter?" asked crewmember 5.7 Billion Dollars spent on yoga classes and products in the U.S. in 2008 71 Percent of American yoga practitioners who are college and cook, Joe Benham. "We searched the hedonistic streets of Las Vegas, the rain-starved mesas of the Hopi, and the monuments to human oppression in Selma, Alabama. This incarnation of the Magic Bus was intentionally designed to bring to mind the kind of hope and potential for social change that existed in the '60s. It was (and is) a rallying cry for change though peace, love and all that other good hippie stuff." Topanga Canyon singer-songwriter Jennifer Freedom Youngs and her partner, Otto Martin, the pro- duction designer on the trip, climbed aboard in Venice. "One of our main messages was about food," Youngs noted. "We screened movies on the side of the bus everywhere we went, like Thrive, a film about a free-energy utopia in which corporations do not own or control energy and food. I've always been a vegetarian, but on the bus I really had to live it—publicly." After stretching across 10 Southern states, the tour culminated in Pack Park in Asheville, NC, with a mega LoveEvolution dance party. "There's no telling how many people we ultimately reached," said Hennessey, "we sure planted a lot of seeds of love in a lot of minds." 16 wholelifetimesmagazine.com educated 72.2 Percent of yoga practi- tioners in the U.S. who are women 80 Percent of yoga practitioners in the U.S. who meditate — Lili Barsha Sources: kripalu Center for Yoga & health, Fast Com- pany, Namasta, Statistic Brain, The International Yoga Federation, Yoga Journal —by Tim Posada

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