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6 The Costume Designer Fall 2016 EDITOR'S NOTE It has been a tumultuous summer. As individuals, our membership is enjoying a flurry of work, which we fought so hard to bring back to Los Angeles. As a union, we purchased and moved into a new building, which rep- resents the culmination of many decades of planning and dreaming. But, as a nation, we have elected a new presi- dent and many of us feel uprooted in our own country. Sadly, there are no easy answers to soothe this sense of disappointment we feel as a union community. Our country was founded with a collective embrace. We have not always lived up to that high mark because everyone has fallibilities, dear readers, even nations. However, it is our founding intent. Thankfully, we have our families, friends, and one another. As brothers and sisters in our union, we are investing in hope for a better future through action. I hope our new home is representative of our camaraderie, and that it is a haven of solace during challenging political days ahead. During uncertain times, we turn to art to find our footing. Thankfully, our membership lives and breathes art every day as they imagine and create cos- tumes, which resonate globally. We know Costume Design is powerful. It is a tool of evocation and transformation. In this issue, we consider the world of cosplay- ers who re-create and emulate our work as a part of their personal journey. Their enthusiasm is a window into that power. We also peer into the world of the superhero, a genre whose global success is reshaping the topography of modern filmmaking. I am so grateful to Christine Bieselin Clark, Constantine Sekeris, and Alan Villanueva, who in addition to gracing our cover, shed some insight into this rarified world. Finally, I am thrilled to bring you the phenomenal work of our illustrators and designers in this, our first-ever, special feature: The Art of Costume Illustration. Fall is not only a change in the weather, it is a season where our thoughts turn inward as we reflect on that which is important to us, for which we are thankful. I am appreciative of all who work with me on the magazine for their time, diligence, and commitment to you. Also, I am personally grateful for the opportunity to serve this inspiring and prolific membership. I would like to take this moment to reflect on the words of our Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." It is a gift to pursue happiness with all of you, may we find it in the coming years. Anna Wyckoff EDITOR IN CHIEF Anna Wyckoff ASSOCIATE EDITORS Bonnie Nipar Christine Cover Ferro PRESIDENT Salvador Perez VICE PRESIDENT Cate Adair SECRETARY Ivy Thaide TREASURER Nanrose Buchman EXECUTIVE BOARD Mary Vogt Christopher Lawrence Julie Weiss Mona May Phillip Boutté Jr. Costume Illustrators Representative Kristine Haag ACD Representative LABOR REPRESENTATIVES Betty Madden Sharon Day BOARD ALTERNATES Kristin Burke Jennifer Soulages Lyn Paolo Terry Gordon BOARD OF TRUSTEES Jacqueline Saint Anne Cliff Chally Barbara Inglehart ALTERNATE TRUSTEE Dorothy Amos EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Rachael M. Stanley MEMBER SERVICES ADMINISTRATOR Suzanne Huntington RECEPTIONIST/SECRETARY Cecilia Granados PUBLISHER IngleDodd Media ADVERTISING 310.207.4410

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