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Fall 2016

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Fall 2016 The Costume Designer 11 I want to thank the membership for reelecting the CDG Executive Board and myself back into office. We are a very cohesive group, work very well together, and share a similar vision for the CDG. As you read this magazine, we have moved into our new home for the CDG in Burbank. It was a massive undertaking to purchase and remodel the building, and it has exceeded our expectations. We wanted a home base for the Costume Designers Guild, as well as a meeting and social space for the members. It has lots of parking readily available and is centrally located so our members have easy access to it. I look forward to seeing the membership at our many gatherings and classes that will be offered in our new home. We still have a little work to do on the building, but we are moved in and are looking forward to a bright future. Please stop by and say hello. I want to thank members of the CDG Building Design Committee for their tireless work over the summer to complete the building process to bring our new home to life: Kristin Burke, Nanrose Buchman, Christopher Lawrence, and Mary Vogt, worked with Rachael Stanley, Brigitta Romanov, and myself. We are very proud of our new building! This issue of The Costume Designer features costume illustration. We have so many talented artists in our membership, and it's wonderful to shine a spotlight on them. With our new building, I'd like to host an exhibit of costume illustrations. Superhero Costume Design is a big part of film and television right now and our members are get- ting to show their talent and artistry in bringing these comic book characters to life. The technology of Costume Design is growing by leaps and bounds, and Costume Designers are using it to develop the most fascinating costumes ever seen. The fans love the costumes we design, and love emulating the characters we bring to life. Cosplay is a growing industry with so many venues to show off their work, and it is making media stars of Costume Designers who are regu- larly invited to judge costume conventions. We have revamped the submission process for the CDG Awards to make it easier to submit your projects online. When you submit, you now receive a confirmation email, so you have a record of your submission. You should all be submitting your work. We also allow your agents to submit on your behalf, and have contacted all the agencies and agents so they have the current guidelines. The 19th CDG Awards will be held on February 21, 2017. In solidarity, Salvador Perez PRESIDENT'S LETTER UNION LABEL "…the relationship between the illustrator and the Costume Designer has always been such a beautiful and happy place for me. It's pure design. " –Christine Bieselin Clark

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