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4 October, 2016 l Working World l HBR GUIDE TO DELIVERING EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK by Harvard Business Review Delivering Effective Feedback explains the challenging but necessary process of providing both positive and negative feedback. Whether given to a manager, peer, or employee, feedback does not need to be stressful. Effective feedback results in improved results from under- performing employees, retention of star employees, and overall improved company performance. DEAR CHAIRMAN by Jeff Gramm Owning stock in a public company is often thought of as a passive activity. However, it does not have to be. Through their votes, shareholders have the power to decide how their companies will be managed and by whom. In Dear Chairman, hedge fund manager Jeff Gramm explores the evolution of shareholder activism in corporate America. Framed around eight historic shareholder interventions, the book illustrates the different techniques investors can employ to influence a company's board of directors. Gramm argues that by engaging in shareholder activism, investors can direct companies toward the best business decisions possible while also improving the value of their shares. THE PATIENT REVOLUTION by Krisa Tailor Technology has steadily transformed every industry and has enabled the rise of the experience economy, where consumers take a more active role. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry has experienced too little of this transformation, but it is well poised to benefit from a broader and more standardized use of data, analytics, and technology. In The Patient Revolution, Krisa Tailor explores what a redesigned healthcare system would look like through the framework of design thinking. THE 10 LAWS OF TRUST by Joel Peterson In The 10 Laws of Trust, Joel Peterson examines the importance of trust in the corporate world and beyond. He presents 10 easily followed concepts to building, maintaining, and even repairing trust. Peterson differentiates between high- and low- trust organizations and, through case studies and examples, shows that it is the high-trust environment that is the most successful. He asserts that not only does trust work, but it makes for good business. FEATURED ARTICLE Business Book Reviews

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