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October 2016

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october 2016  /  the tasting panel  /  37 Bier to the Bone by Emily Coleman Crier Biers While the ingredients that go into Critter Bitters may seem unconven- tional at first, the mission behind the brand is a noble one: reduce "the ick factor" when it comes to eating insects, since eating bugs could help mitigate the world's food shortage. Produced by two design- ers, Lucy Knops and Julia Plevin, these bitters come as a Pure Cricket Tincture or a Toasted Cricket Bitters. They will satisfy even your most adventurous guest's curiosity and palate. Biercube Biers Slow crafted in Milwaukee, WI, Bittercube Bitters begins with naturally- sourced ingredients and takes two to five weeks to complete, depending on the expression. Developed by bartenders Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz, its lineup features bitters that every serious bar program should have on hand, including Blackstrap, Cherry Bark Vanilla, Bolivar, Jamaican and Orange, to name just a few. Portland Biers Project Started in 2013, Portland Bitters Project uses organic, wild-crafted botanicals and raw cane sugar to produce artisanal bitters with no addi- tives. Its portfolio of Aromatic, Woodland, Super Spice and Cacao Bitters will add the perfect touch to your creative cocktail. We highly recommend adding the Woodland Bitters to a Gimlet.

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