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October / November 2016

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W elcome to our October/November annual Celebra- tion of Food issue. Autumn is upon us and it's time to celebrate the harvest and the abundance which sur- rounds us all. Darwin noted that we live on a planet of "super- abundance." Just ask the seemingly infinite grains of sand on our beautiful beaches and in our powerful deserts. Our bless- ings in Southern California are endless! As I write this, the sun has just dipped beyond the horizon, clouds wisp by and the sky turns fiery hues of purple, pink and orange. The silvery waning moon softly illuminates the east- ern sky. It is the Autumnal equinox. A time of balance. A time of change. We can say that on many levels the winds of change are upon us in this country and throughout the world. We can no doubt acknowledge that we've been harshly challenged and the di- vide grows great. At the time of this writing, we have the stron- gest female contender yet ready to take on the vast responsi- bility of guiding our fine country. And we have many who are disappointed and struggle to see the hope. Rarely have we been so divided as a nation, and yet never has there been a time so profoundly, so perfectly, balanced in the illusive light and dark. We are ready for change and it is up to us to choose. As our nights grow longer and we approach a more reflective time of year, let's consider what we share and not what separates. As we are entering the holiday months, it's always wonderful to spend time with family and friends and this issue notes many adventures to have together to celebrate this special season of witches, black cats, dancing skulls, pumpkins and harvest fes- tivals. No matter how you may choose to celebrate, we offer plenty of options. How about a day trip to Dia de Los Muertos Festival in San Diego? This holiday honors our ancestors and the memory of those who passed before us. Or maybe you want to venture up to beautiful Paso Robles wine country, and enjoy the fruit of organic vineyards and sustainable practices in winemaking. An amazing fall finish – The options are endless! We hope you will be inspired by the story of Chopped winner Chef Derek, who spends his time teaching former convicts how to live a life off the streets and paves a hopeful path to success and prosperity. His café "Bread & Roses" serves elegant meals not just on Thanksgiving, but every single day to the homeless in Venice. Perhaps you want to cozy up by the fire instead with a great book. Considering it's "Rocktober," we felt it appropriate to re- view music legend Keith Richards' memoir. For all you Stones fans out there, here's a chance to learn how Keith achieved his dream and keeps it going on…. And on…. And on…. And if you want to contemplate your yoga practice, learn more about healthy nutrition, improve your brain health or even have more fulfilling sex, check out our various departments. Do you enjoy these articles and stories? What do you like and what do you not? Let us know! We are open, broad-minded and here to serve you and the greater good of all – whatever and however that looks like to you. No judgement. We are here as the leading transformational publication in the United States and we want your voice to be heard. Together we can "Be the Change." So have fun this harvest season! Spend time with one anoth- er, take a breath, rustle in the crispy leaves, cozy up on the chilly nights and welcome the season of gratitude and abundance. Revel in the longer nights and beautiful starlit skies. Some say you cannot see the stars for the lights of Los Angeles. Our be- loved City of Angels abounds with light! Starting with you dear readers. Let it Shine! As we reflect during this time of gratitude, I'd like to sincerely thank you all for the kind notes and well wishes you've sent. It is with great honor and immense appreciation that I'd like to thank Abigail Lewis for passing down her baton and entrusting me to steer her big boat forward and continue the mission of Whole Life Times. As our Editor at Large, I'm hoping she'll still be around…. sharing her wisdom and insight to us as we go. Let's propel this starship forward for many years to come! Are you ready for the change the autumn brings? It's time! Let's have a fabulous journey—together! Here's to all good things to come! ~ Cheers!* from the editor Greetings Dear Readers! 6 wholelifetimes.com

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