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october/november 2015 33 Intuitive Being Connect with Spirit, Find Your Center, and Choose an Intentional Life DEC/JAN CO-CREATING OUR FUTURE • Financial Literacy • L.A. Lifestyles • Conscious Gifting • New Year, New You! • Get Lean in 2017 310.425.3056 sales@wholelifemagazine.com AD SPACE RESERVATION: 11/18 AD ARTWORK DUE: 11/22 ON THE STREET: 11/30 $19.95 • Paperback • 288 pages 16-page color insert and 30 b&w illustrations ISBN 978-1-62055-502-6 $14.95 • Paperback • 128 pages 7 b&w illustrations ISBN 978-1-62055-559-0 New Books for Mind, Body & Spirit Learn more at InnerTraditions.com and /itibco Available Wherever Books are Sold art & soul BOOKS By Jill Willard I t's no wonder that author and intuitive medium Jill Willard has been successful in her work with a wide range of clientele, from everyday people to pro athletes to corporate executives to celebrities. In her new book Intuitive Being, she translates complex spiritual ideas and ancient wisdom into language accessible to any reader, regardless of background, status or religious beliefs. The book starts with an illuminating overview of intuition, which Willard defi nes as a deep, clear knowing—one that is "simultaneously completely magical and exceptionally practical…both not of this world and yet centered completely within each and every one of us." It goes on to identify the "four bodies" or aspects of self that comprise our human experience: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—each associated with either the feminine or masculine, the goal being a balance between all. Balance is a key concept in Intuitive Being, which is intended as a guide to help readers access, cultivate and manage intuition, to become intuitive beings capable of "knowing more than meets the eye"—something the author asserts anyone can achieve. The bulk of the book consists of in-depth, chapter-by- chapter breakdowns of what the author refers to as our seven "energy centers," also known as chakras in Indian thought. Each chapter ends with a meditation or mantra and a chart to aid the reader in balancing that specifi c energy center. Client stories, exercises and practices are seamlessly interwoven throughout to illustrate obstacles to intuition and how to overcome them. By the time readers get to the sixth and seventh energy centers—known as the third eye, where intuition resides, and the crown, through which we're connected to the divine or our higher wisdom and guidance—they've cleared blockages from the past and are well equipped to be in the present and realize our universal oneness. In the end, Intuitive Being is an invitation to uncover and clear away what's held us back, and to explore and develop our innate intuitive abilities, guiding us to a place where we can nourish our life force and use intuition for the good of all. (HarperElixir) — Elizabeth Fitzer october/november 2016 33

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