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said SAG-AFTRA Assistant National Executive Director of Sound Recordings Randall Himes. "The changing nature of the music video industry made these negotiations more important than ever. Our agreement with the labels gives performers the working conditions they deserve, while also recognizing realities of the industry. The members really led the way. They were committed and mobilized to get this agreement and they have my total admiration for their support and dedication." Dancer and negotiating committee member Galen Hooks said, "This agreement is revolutionary for the dance community. For the first time, we have nationwide guarantees for health and retirement benefits for performers, choreographers and assistant choreographers, as well as guaranteed fair pay, safe working conditions and reuse fees. I'm so proud of SAG-AFTRA and Dancers' Alliance." The road to this agreement has been a hard-fought battle led by top dancers and choreographers in the industry, including SAG-AFTRA Board members Bobbie Bates, Sharon Ferguson and Galen Hooks. While dancers have for years sought a union contract for music videos, the latest campaign began last year with the teaming of then-AFTRA and Dancers' Alliance, a grassroots organization dedicated to educating dancers and building solidarity in the dance community. The tentative agreement will now go to the SAG-AFTRA National Board for approval. It creates a separate contract under the existing AFTRA National Sound Recordings Code that provides safe and fair working conditions and health and retirement for virtually all The SAG-AFTRA negotiating team shows off their solidarity wristbands in celebration of a successful negotiation. performers employed in the production of music videos, including dancers, actors, narrators, singers, models and stunt performers. Choreographers and assistant choreographers are also covered in the contract for purposes of receiving health and retirement contributions. check out this video | Summer 2012 | SAG-AFTRA 25

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