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WORKING ON YOUR BEHALF SAG-AFTRA CELEBRATES HEDGPETH highlights of farewell celebrations in New York, Los Angeles and SAG-AFTRA Locals across the country honoring former SAG-AFTRA Co-National Executive Director Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, who leſt on April 30. "It was with great pride and joy that I T ributes from colleagues, staff, members and friends were the was able to join you on March 30 to toast the birth of the new merged union. But for me, aſter 31 years with AFTRA (and a similarly long association with SAG), this exciting occasion was not only a moment to celebrate the merger that generations of AFTRA and SAG members worked to achieve, it was also a time to begin a new chapter in life, but emotional farewell messages, giſts, scrapbooks, tribute videos and a bit of good-natured teasing. In New York and Los Angeles, staff gathered to share cake and stories of their time working with Hedgpeth and the impact she made through her focused commitment to STAFF MILESTONES C the organization 25 years. Illyanne Morden Kichaven and Kimberly Davis each have 10 years of service. Those who have been with the union for five years include Lisa Catalanotti, Robin Hilman, Dinah Ellison, Caroline Coderoni, Debra Delgatto, Jean Jacques Blitstein, Eduardo Galan, Ernest Johnson and Mary Hashimoto. Congratulations also to SAG-AFTRA employees who reached a milestone in the first quarter of 2012. Reaching the 25-year mark are ongratulations to SAG-AFTRA employees who reached a milestone in the fourth quarter of 2011. Cynthia Poplos has been with the union an impressive 35 years. Diane Parents and Lorrel Hughes are both marking 30 years. Maura Walker has been with Rey Sahawi and Treslyn Williams. Marking 20 years are Karen Lipney, Michael Maguire, Eileen Neel and Andrew Schefman. With 10 years of service are Hardy Obey and Noris Pinezic Boccanfuso. Rachael Aguirre, Nieema Alford, Tanya Anderson, Dan Bowser, Pamela Cardenas, Jamila Daniel, Lorie Divuolo, Volneta Felton, Pamela Greenwalt, Robert Jensen, Dina Kampmeyer, Lucia Kovacs, Adrian Mendoza, Dinah Muir, Cheryl Ritchkoff, Fernando Valle, Qarlos Villagran and Catherine Williams celebrated their five-year anniversary. HONORING MLK AT LABOR EVENT L of workers' rights, and his final act as a civil rights leader was to travel to Memphis to support striking sanitation workers in 1968. SAG-AFTRA Co-President Roberta Reardon also spoke at the event. | Summer 2012 | SAG-AFTRA os Angeles Local Board member Shyla La'Sha and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis attended the 2012 AFL-CIO Martin Luther King Jr. holiday observance on Jan. 15 in Detroit. King was a champion Hedgpeth received not only accolades, " Hedgpeth said. serving members, as well as to her staff and colleagues. "We're here today to thank you for all your wonderful years of leading us and teaching us because you are probably one of the greatest teachers I have ever known," said, SAG-AFTRA Assistant National Director of Contracts Joan Halpern Weise, at the standing-room only staff event in Los Angeles. Hedgpeth returned rounds of applause with applause, repeatedly thanking staff and members for their years of hard work and commitment. "Your legacy is something that we will Kim Roberts Hedgpeth departed after 31 years with AFTRA. serving at one time as her assistant. SAG-AFTRA Associate National celebrate today and that we will celebrate every day and try to build on," SAG- AFTRA National Executive Director David White said at the gathering, "because we wouldn't be here without you. her career with SAG-AFTRA in the former AFTRA office, staff and members gathered to say goodbye and good luck to a visiting Hedgpeth in person. "Thank you, Kim, for everything — your In New York, where Hedgpeth began " leadership, your guidance, your friendship, your understanding — everything, National Assistant Director of Human Resources Roe Badamo. Badamo worked for more than 30 years with Hedgpeth, " said, Executive Director Mathis Dunn summed up what many expressed with his message to Hedgpeth. "When I think of you, I think of commitment, integrity, trade unionism and my friend, members as the driving force behind her career. "It's all about the members," she said. "I look forward to observing and Hedgpeth cited her ability to serve " Dunn said. cheering you on, from a respectful and affectionate distance, as you achieve new breakthroughs on behalf of SAG- AFTRA's members and realize the dream of building a new union for the new world ahead, " Hedgpeth said to staff. 23 Ken Wright

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