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July / August 2016

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j u ly . a u g u s t 2 0 1 6 c g w 5 S P O T L I G H T VICON LAUNCHES NEW CAMERAS Vicon has added two new cameras, Vero and Vue, which will join the company's flagship Vantage, to form a new product family. Vero is suited to a wide range of applications. To meet this need, Vero features on-board sensors that continuously monitor performance, camera position, and temperature. The Vero range includes a custom variable focus lens that delivers an optimized field of view, as well as a 2.2 megapixel camera. The range also includes a 1.3 megapixel camera. With full-HD resolution, Vicon Vue incorporates a video image into the mocap volume. It also enables seamless calibration between optical and video volumes, ensuring the views are perfectly aligned. REALLUSION OFFERS 3D COMP Reallusion has unveiled a 3D composting solution for video editors, the iClone 3D Video Compositing Studio pack. The bundle features real-time animation for virtual newsrooms, dynamic 3D video montage, 3D layering effects, and transparent videos inside Reallusion's iClone 6, in collaboration with Digital Juice, starting at $399. SIDE EFFECTS UPDATES HOUDINI TO 15.5 Side Effects Soware has released Houdini 15.5, which includes improve- ments to modeling, crowds, and light- ing, as well as a new VR camera lens and support for third-party rendering in Houdini Indie. Modeling tools, such as PolyBevel, PolySplit, and Dissolve have been rewrit- ten from the ground up. Retopo tools now have splitting, straightening, edge loop, and brush tools for positioning and relaxing points. Crowd tools now feature advanced locomotion controls, accurate foot planting and terrain adaption, and more sophisticated crowd steering. The all- new Mocap Biped 3 comes with a library of motion clips. Crowd tools now support direct FBX imports as agents for better integration with other applications. Houdini 15.5 is available now, with base Houdini available starting at $1,995 and Houdini FX at $4,495. Houdini Indie costs $199 per year. Blizzards Climate Change Clouds Floods Global Warming Hurricanes Katrina Lightning Mother Nature Sky Plates Snow Stormy Seas Tornadoes Volcanoes Wind on HD Super 35 & Cine 4K Tel. 817.276.9500 See our latest work at StormStock® In cinema quality 4K. So real, it's scary.

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