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j u ly . a u g u s t 2 0 1 6 c g w 3 7 P O R T F O L I O are also a few surprises in this year's program for both variety and to honor the incredible ac- complishments in other fields, according to Anderson. In addition, the festival con- tains a daytime program that includes four shows. "This year we completely redefined the daytime program to create four new exciting experiences," says Anderson. "These experienc- es are targeted to the various demographics of our attendee base and really have something for almost everyone!" These include: Break It Down, focusing on achievements in film and visual effects; The Arcade, highlighting the art and technical excellence within the context of production in modern interac- tive storytelling; The Winners Circle, celebrating a selection of Electronic Theatre award winners from the past seven years; and DemoScene, an exposition of an eponymous international subculture that celebrates the art and extreme creativity that com- puter scientists can exhibit when developing real-time audiovi- sual experiences in extremely constrained limitations. Some of the work here creates unique two-minute-plus pieces all within 64 kb of executable soware. "From when I first started attending SIGGRAPH a couple decades ago, I could always count on the Computer Anima- tion Festival to show me such ex- ceptional work, creating a sense of wonder and awe. I always le the festival experiences inspired to do better, to see the potential in computer graphics, and know that there was going to be even more amazing accomplishments moving forward," Anderson says. "The Computer Animation Festival never rests on laurels, and has for over two decades been the beacon attracting the attention of the best creators in the industry." ■ Lichtspiel Taking Flight Les Marmottes – Mariachi

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