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6 ADVOCATE | SUMMER 2016 he passage of Prop 123 in the Special Election held on May 17 is a huge win for the students, teachers, education support professionals, parents, and anyone who cares about public education in Arizona. This ballot measure will provide $240 million to our schools this year alone and guarantees annual inflation adjustments to school funding forever. With the inflation lawsuit finally settled, AEA and education advocates can continue to drive the movement for increased funding for Arizona's schools. "Arizona voters have taken the first step toward changing our course for public education in Arizona," says AEA President Andrew F. Morrill. "Now we need to make education funding a top priority here in Arizona and work on the next steps towards increasing and stabilizing funding for public education so our children go to school in clean classrooms with up to date textbooks and technology and small class sizes." Thanks to local association leaders and bargaining teams, many school employees will be receiving their first significant raises in years. AEA leaders and staff expresses our thanks to the volunteers who knocked on doors and made phone calls. And thank you to everyone for taking the time to vote in this election. Regardless of how you voted, the message was clear, Arizonans want more money for schools beyond Prop 123. Our students have always been at the center of everything AEA leaders and staff do and that is a shared value all Association members have. Education advocates recognize our children are our future. Arizona needs leaders who also recognize that and plan for the future by strengthening our public schools and commit to more short-term and long-term funding for public schools to fill the gaps left after Prop 123. That's why it's important for all of us to work together keep the public pressure on lawmakers and hold them accountable to do more for our students and school employees. at the capitol Arizona Voters Support Increased Funding for Schools Prop 123 Passes

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