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32 ADVOCATE | SUMMER 2016 Where Do Your AEA Membership Dues Go? Your AEA and NEA dues are invested in programs that support a wide variety of benefits to you at bargain prices. At the state level, your AEA dues dollars provide the resources to lobby for your interests in the state legislature and to work with statewide coalitions that are helping shape the future of our profession in Arizona. They also provide for staff who offer workshops, seminars, conferences, and consulting services to members. 1. Meeting AEA's Strategic Objectives Certified $133.08 Classified $ 66.73 Workshops, trainings, membership materials, organizational transition and change, strategic plan benchmarking 2. Infrastructure and Human Resources Certified $107.64 Classified $53.98 Costs of operating headquarters, regional offices: utilities, taxes, financing/lease costs; association operating expenses; business operations, personnel and management 3. Quality Teaching and Learning Certified $33.48 Classified $16.79 Defining and promoting standards for quality education, interactive relationships with agencies and other organizations, promoting the importance of public education to communities through communications, public relations, public policy development 4. Organizational Development with Site Focus Certified $39.38 Classified $19.75 Assisting locals in developing and preparing school sites for more decision-making authority, allocation of resources, assisting locals in developing strategies for family and community involvement, and accountability for quality teaching and learning 5. Governance of the Association Certified $29.42 Classified $14.75 Providing for a full-time-release president and 2-month stipend for vice-president and treasurer, committee expenses, the board of directors and the annual Delegate Assembly Your NEA Dues Your NEA dues total $187.00 per year for Certified and $113.50 for Classified. Here are just a few components they provide for you. For a complete dollar breakdown, please call AEA at 602-264-1774 or 800-352-5411. • Building visible and lasting bipartisan support from opinion leaders and policy makers for public education. • Assisting affiliates by providing the UniServ staffing program, training tools and packages, and technical and financial support directly to state and local associations and members. • Expanding and maintaining advocacy systems for members and state and local affiliates, including legal reimbursement programs that protect and enforce the rights of members. • Supporting increased participation in pro-public education coalitions at all levels and participation in programs reflecting Association commitment to affirmative action, diversity, and member rights. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 39% 10% INFRASTRUCTURE PEOPLE CONSUMABLES 10% 11% 31% 10% 11% 9%

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