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There are many ways in which humans and hors- es can connect and experience one another, whether it's observing a herd band at a wild horse sanctuary, teaching little children how to hold the reins, or writing about the heal- ing nature of our ancient equine partners. They heal, they love, they remember, they forgive, and they teach us so much about what it is to be sentient beings. Jessica Schley (Pg 26) contributors Sometimes you have to make a conscious effort to heal. In my case, it wasn't an epiphany that prompted a step away from past hurts—more of a slow awakening. You start looking at things differently; reading stories that uplift instead of drag down, fi nd people who are also looking to get past the dark times. But in the end, it's a personal journey. Maybe the most important in life. Neal Broverman (Pg 32) Healing for me always starts within. Whether I am struggling with an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issue, the source is always some version of disconnection from myself. As I have learned to stop trying to fi x things out there and turn my attention inward, I have discovered a deep and abiding pulse that connects me to every- thing. My body heals inside this pulse, my heart calms and my soul is united with the light that infuses us all. Wendy Strgar (Pg 16) Through years of doing yoga, meditation and other contemplative practices, I've learned some- thing paradoxical about healing: the way to heal myself of pain starts with allowing my- self to feel it fully. Fighting it actually tight- ens my grip; the way out truly is through. So now, when diffi cult emotional or physical pain arises, I pause, lean in, focus, let myself experience it completely, and surrender to where the current will take me. It's inevitably someplace better than before. (Photo: Ona Matulic) Diana Rico (Pg 22) We know that healing is not just a physical phenom- enon, that it can be profoundly infl uenced by state of mind and intention. Some have gone so far as to suggest we create whatever it is that needs healing, and thus should be able to fi x it. We asked some of our writers what they have observed to be true about healing. Dianetics can help you clear the mental blocks that are holding you back. IGNITE YOUR POTENTIAL © 2016 BPI. All Rights Reserved. DIANETICS is a trademark and service mark owned by RTC and is used with its permission. FREE download of first 3 chapters at: dianeticsbook.com/selection • #1 New York Times best–selling book on the human mind • Over 22 million copies sold in 50 languages $25 free shipping Available at bookstores or dianeticsbook.com/wlt or call 1–800–367–8788 today! IGNITE YOUR POTENTIAL $25 free shipping 8 wholelifetimes.com

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