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Page 59 of 64 | Spring 2016 | SAG-AFTRA 58 AT&T Looking to save on your wireless plan? Take advantage of a special rate for union members and receive a 15-percent discount on select monthly wireless service plans. You may also qualify for up to $250 in rebates. Visit and reference the FAN No. 3508840 to lock in your deal. FIJI WATER Did you know SAG-AFTRA members can get FIJI Water delivered directly to their doorstep? Just go online to and choose from one-time orders for a quick delivery, or sign up for the month-to-month plan, which allows you to pay as you go and cancel at any time. All of FIJI's water bottle sizes are available. Use the promo code SUBSAGAFTRA and enjoy 25 percent off one-time orders or 40 percent off month-to-month subscriptions. Shipping is always free of charge. GOODYEAR TIRES Receive a 10-percent discount on all Goodyear tires or a 5-percent discount on sale tires at company-owned Goodyear and Just Tires locations. You can also get 10 percent off car service, including auto maintenance and auto parts, or 5 percent off preventative maintenance. For details, visit IMDB PRO Build up your online presence and showcase your credits to the world by joining IMDb Pro. Members can join at a special discounted rate. Already subscribed to IMDb Pro? No problem. This discount also applies to members who have an existing account. Log in to your member account at and visit Deals & Discounts under Member Services. UPS STORE Save money next time you need to ship a package out. Members receive 10 percent off on eligible products and services when you show your valid SAG-AFTRA membership card. Make sure you ask for the "CRS Account SAG-AFTRA" For more member Deals & Discounts, log into your member account at, or scan this QR code to log in. All Deals & Discounts are administered by entities independent of SAG-AFTRA. Questions about each offer must be handled by the providers. SAG-AFTRA does not endorse any of these services. Your membership in SAG-AFTRA affords you great opportunities to show your card and save. Deals & Discounts for SAG-AFTRA Members to take advantage of this deal. Visit for locations. Available at participating locations only. Marv Rosand 9/21/2015 Martin Rubenstein 8/14/2015 Edna Ryan 2/2/2016 Paul Salamunovich 4/3/2014 Joe Santos 3/18/2016 William Sarkees 10/30/2015 Ed Schiff 2/14/2015 R. Leo Schreiber 11/15/2014 Ted Schwartz 9/4/2014 Tom Scollay 10/21/2015 Fred J. Scollay 11/3/2015 Angus Scrimm 1/9/2016 Garry Shandling 3/24/2016 Mark Sheeler 8/6/2015 Rose Siggins 12/12/2015 Billie J. Sigwing 4/20/2015 Marvin A. Silbersher 12/7/2015 Pat Silbersher 1/6/2016 Reuben Silver 5/8/2014 Frank Sinatra Jr. 3/16/2016 Leland P. Smith 8/26/2015 David Smyrl 3/22/2016 Diamond Dave Somerville 7/14/2015 Prince Spencer 10/29/2015 Carl Sundstrom 1/29/2016 Wesley Marie Tackitt 11/14/2015 Noel Thomas 11/23/2015 Fred Thompson 11/1/2015 Elena Thurston 12/7/2013 Joyce Tomanec 10/15/2015 Tom Toner 7/12/2015 Danny Tucker 9/17/2015 Charlie Tuna 2/19/2016 James Turley 3/4/2016 Larry Udy 10/7/2015 Vanity 2/15/2016 William Vaughan 12/13/2015 Gary D. Veney 7/28/2015 Paul Verdier 9/6/2015 Ken Vieira 12/4/2015 Abe Vigoda 1/26/2016 Edward Heston Walker 10/26/2015 Ty Wansley 5/6/2015 Terrence Wayne 7/1/2015 Scott Weiland 12/3/2015 Cory Wells 10/19/2015 Maurice White 2/3/2016 Sean Whitesell 12/28/2015 Don Wilder 10/14/2015 L. Burton Williams 11/3/2015 Linda Tisa Willis 5/18/2015 Elizabeth Wilson 5/9/2015 Craig Windham 2/28/2016 Jason Wingreen 12/25/2015 N. Brock Winkless IV 7/18/2015 Jo De Winter 1/17/2016 Holly Woodlawn 12/6/2015 Galen Yuen 9/8/2015 Rolando G. Zaragoza 10/24/2015 In Memoriam continues from previous page

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