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Page 57 of 64 | Spring 2016 | SAG-AFTRA 56 In Memoriam honors the memory of members whose deaths were reported to SAG-AFTRA between Nov. 1, 2015 - April 21, 2016.* *Please note: Due to publishing deadlines, notices that are received outside of these dates will be considered for future publication. GEORGE KENNEDY PRINCE GLENN FREY NATALIE COLE MERLE HAGGARD DAVID BOWIE WHIT TLZ SONYBMG R. J. Adams 1/26/2015 Joe Alaskey 2/3/2016 Billie Allen 12/29/2015 Therese Allen 8/22/2014 Arthur Anderson 4/9/2016 Brinda Andrews 10/15/2015 Louise Arters 12/8/2012 Brian Asawa 4/18/2016 Humbert Allen Astredo 2/19/2016 Elaine Auerbach 11/14/2015 Eddie Baken 6/11/2012 Lennie Baker 2/24/2016 Lorraine Baptist 11/13/2014 Erik Bauersfeld 4/3/2016 Ken Beatrice 12/6/2015 Brian Bedford 1/13/2016 Robert W. Beecher 2/12/2016 Barbara Allyne Bennet 1/9/2016 Leon Bibb 10/26/2015 Kurt Bieber 12/31/2015 Pat Blake 11/27/2015 Maggie Blye 3/24/2016 Shannon Bolin 3/25/2016 Julian Bond 8/15/2015 Ross Borden 11/17/2015 Jack Bowden 1/20/2016 David Bowie 1/10/2016 Richard Bradford 3/22/2016 Jane Alice Brandon 5/24/2015 John Brandon 8/25/2014 Herb Adams Brazelton 8/14/2015 Ritch Brinkley 11/5/2015 Martin E. Brooks 12/7/2015 Peter Brown 3/21/2016 Nancy Burnett 6/17/2015 Tony Burton 2/25/2016 Dominic Calandra 11/23/2015 Faleen Campbell 8/14/2015 David Canary 11/16/2015 Paul Carey 4/12/2016 Myra Carter 1/9/2016 Richard Casey 9/21/2014 Jane Cecil 12/2/2015 Irwin Charone 1/28/2016 Louis W. Chaudet 1/5/2013 Cole Chipman 2/14/2015 Johnny "Cha Cha" Ciarcia 11/21/2015 Sterling Clark 9/25/2015 Caprice Clarke 11/15/2015 Judy Clayton 10/25/2015 Ken Clayton 8/1/2015 Chuck Clow 6/9/2015 Harvey Cohen 10/22/2014 Dolly Cole 8/24/2014 Natalie Cole 12/31/2015 David Coleman 8/13/2015 Marilyn Coleman 6/25/2013 Jeffrey Cornell 12/11/2015 Wes Craven 8/30/2015 Paddy Croft 7/27/2015 Glenn P. Crone 12/22/2015 A. Donald Cross 9/26/2015 Robert Dahdah 2/6/2016 Wayne Daniels 3/18/2015 Richard Davalos 3/8/2016 E. Bruce Davis 1/16/2016 Sandy Davis 9/12/2015 Todd Davis 7/26/2013 Lavina Dawson 12/18/2015 Douglas Dick 12/19/2015 Evelyn Dick 3/10/2016 Diana Douglas 7/3/2015 James Douglas 3/5/2016 Larry Drake 3/17/2016 Richard Drown 9/8/2015 Patty Duke 3/29/2016 Michael Earl 12/23/2015 Jan L. Eddy 12/17/2015 Newly elected President Patty Duke at her first membership meeting on Dec. 8, 1985, at the Sheraton Universal. ANNA PATTY DUKE PEARCE, the former Screen Actors Guild president better known as Patty Duke, passed away March 29 at the age of 69. Duke was elected president in 1985, becoming only the second female national president of Screen Actors Guild. She was an Oscar and Emmy-winning actor, labor activist and pioneering advocate for mental health issues. She began her career as a child performer, and starred as Helen Keller opposite Anne Bancroft in the Broadway production of The Miracle Worker in 1959. The play was turned into a film in 1962, with Duke and Bancroft reprising their stage roles. Both women received Oscars for the film, with 16-year old Duke becoming the youngest recipient of a competitive Academy Award at the time. Duke parlayed her success into her own television program, The Patty Duke Show, and went on to appear in many films and television shows. During her tenure as union president, she oversaw the establishment of the SAG Foundation; relocation of the Guild headquarters; creation of a low-budget motion picture agreement that offered incentives for diverse casting. A dedicated unionist, Duke also led a six-week television animation strike and a three- week Commercials Contract strike, and fought the recurring threats of so-called "right-to-work" legislation and runaway production. Continues on next page RAY BENGSTON/SAG-AFTRA ARCHIVES

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