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COMBATTING ABUSE The new agreement takes action against the various forms of abuse surrounding union eligibility — including using eligibility as a form of compensation and selling eligibility for personal profit. IT'S REALLY NEW MEDIA The new agreement contains language that ensures producers are truly creating content for new media. If a project is misrepresented to the union, the new agreement provides language to ensure the project becomes signatory to the correct SAG-AFTRA agreement — with stronger repercussions should the producer not comply. | Spring 2016 | SAG-AFTRA 37 IT'S CLEARER New media agreements are now signed on a one-production-only basis. The agreement also has fewer instances of cross-referencing and spells out important provisions whenever possible, so it is easier to interpret for first-time producers. MORE DISCLOSURE FOR THE PERFORMER Breakdowns and casting notices now must indicate if a production is being shot under a high budget SVOD tier, special agreement or negotiable terms. In addition, the producer must disclose to the performer or the performer's representative any special or negotiable terms and whether the program has any commercial sponsors. IT HAS TEETH Producers who violate the union security and preference of employment provisions of the contract may now be subject to possible liquidated damages.

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