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20  /  the tasting panel  /  may 2016 TEQUILA 3 Badge Beverage Corporation has brought to market Pasote, a new line of Mexican tequilas made from pure blue agave. The new Pasote Tequilas will be sold by the company's spirits division, 3 Badge Mixology. "Pasote represents the highest quality and craftsmanship in tequila," says August Sebastiani, President of 3 Badge Beverage Corporation. "We use the finest ingredients and time-honored tradition in production, and we named it Pasote to capture the Aztec warrior tradition of celebrating victories by drinking the sacred agave. The pasote spirit lives on in these artfully crafted tequilas." Made from 100 percent blue agave growing in the bright red, deep clay soils that are the hallmark of Jalisco's agave fields, Pasote Tequila comes in the three styles you might expect—Blanco, Reposado and Añejo—unexpectedly, you may have a hard time trying to tell the Reposado from the Añejo by sight alone. That's because the barrels used for aging the tequila average around 40 years of age, meaning there's no tannin or color extraction. Secondly, no coloring agents are used—like caramel, which sweetens tequila—because Sebastiani's focus is on bringing a supremely natural tequila that expresses the purity of estate-grown agave to the market. Pasote was recently introduced in a series of events at Devil's Acre and Tommy's in San Francisco, California. The tasting touched upon the specific production methods for Pasote, such as the avoidance of any chemicals in the production process, the use of natural yeast, and the importance of water sources—such as ground water or rain water. For Sebastiani's team at 3 Badge Mixology, it's all about a tequila that drives home the flavors of the plant. The roof of their master tequilero's distillery is designed to catch as much rainwater as possible, providing critical reserves during the dry season. Water has dif- ferent PH and minerals, and it will change the profile of a spirit; for Pasote, 40 percent rainwater and 60 percent of water from a spring on the property helps balance the PH and minerality to a level that is preferred. The Pasote label features three bold, hand-screened graphics of distinct Aztec warriors. Each is custom made by a family of glass artisans and has distinc- tive, slightly asymmetrical wave patterns visible in the glass. More info at: Pasote Tequila Launches in San Francisco The Pasote Blanco ($49) (left) is clean and clear; unctuous, silky smooth and expressive of citrus, herbaceous flavors, white pepper and roasted agave. The Pasote Reposado ($59) (center) is aged eight months in neutral barrels; rich and fruit-forward, spicy; vegetal and floral and a concentrated mid-palate of mild roasted agave and subtle vanilla notes. The Pasote Añejo ($69) (right) is aged 18 months in barrel; decadent mouthfeel; cinnamon, roasted orange peel, and mild roasted agave notes. AUGUST SEBASTIANI'S PASOTE TEQUILA IS A REVOLUTION IN THE BOTTLE by Jonathan Cristaldi / photos by John Curley Pasote Tequila recently held a launch party at The Devil's Acre in San Francisco, CA. In the first run off the stills, a total of 3,600 six-packs of Pasote were produced. PHOTO: KELSEY MCKNICKLE

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