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PATRONS | Spring 2016 33 IN YOUR COMMUNITY Update on the Politics of Breast Cancer—Women of the Ambassadors On March 9, the women of the Ambassadors came together to hear Patricia Sacks, MD, medical director of the Vasek and Anna Maria Polak Breast Diagnostic Center, explore the breast cancer advocacy movement. Sacks covered the recent controversy over frequency and age a woman should receive a mammogram, advances in detection and genetic testing, fi nancial implications of breast cancer, available social support services, and research funding status. She also highlighted courageous women in history who found their voices and became activists at a time of limited treatment options. These include, Rose Kushner, Shirley Temple Black, fi rst lady Betty Ford and Happy Rockefeller, the wife of Vice President Norman Rockefeller. Each openly shared experi- ences and crusaded for the right to become educated and make choices. For more information on the Ambassadors annual giving program, visit Front row: Michele Averill, Elaine Gee, Pam Crane, Carole Hoff man, Judith Gassner, Danielle Boujikian; back row: Patricia LaGrelius, Vicky Mar, Christy Abraham, Patricia Sacks, MD, Lori Richard, Harriet Bailiss-Sustarsic, Ann Zimmerman, Laura McIn re, Valerie Kelly TERRY HOHM, ELAINE GEE, PAM CRANE VICKY MAR, HARRIET BAILISS-SUSTARSIC PATRICIA SACKS, MD CAROLE HOFFMAN, VALERIE KELLY FRONT ROW: JUDITH GASSNER, PATRICIA SACKS, MD, KAREN NAFTULIN; BACK ROW: LORI RICHARD, LAURIE BUCHER, ANN ZIMMERMAN, CHERI STECKBAUER, CHRISTY ABRAHAM KAREN NAFTULIN, MICHELE AVERILL CHERI STECKBAUER, ANN ZIMMERMAN, JUDITH GASSNER, CHARLENE RINGER, CHRISTY ABRAHAM, LORI RICHARD

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