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m a r c h . a p r i l 2 0 1 6 c g w 7 V I E W P O I N T A DV E R T I S E R S P O N S O R E D C O N T E N T A DV E R T I S E R BOXX APEXX 5R Built for powerful, remote graphics over proven PC over IP tech- nology, the BOXX APEXX 5R was designed to integrate into your data center for easy management by your IT staff. Featuring all of the power of the original APEXX 5, the world's most advanced workstation, the APEXX 5R has a reduced profile that takes up only a 3U space in your rack. Capable of being configured with up to 4 full-length, dou- ble-width graphics cards and a single-width GPU, simultaneously, the APEXX 5R is suitable for a wide range of configurations and applications. It comes with liquid cooling standard, and support for up to 44 physical Xeon cores, and 88 threads of processing power. In addition, it has a front-facing modular hard drive cage for easy hot-swap of storage. The APEXX 5R was designed 100% in house and its chassis is fabricated right here in the United States. BOXX knows the workflow challenges that face creative professionals, and we can tailor a solution that will deliver measurable ROI. Backed by our in-house technical support, you'll never talk to a call center. Our techs have a direct line to our engineer- ing team, and we've partnered with ISVs like AutoDesk and Dassault Systemes to be able to support you IN your workflow. We want to make sure that we address any of your issues from both a hardware and a software standpoint, a unique advantage when choosing a BOXX solution. We know workstations, we know your applications, and we understand your workflow. If you have critical hardware bottlenecks that need to be resolved, so you can operate at peak productivity, give us a call, and we'll be happy to help. S P O N S O R E D C O N T E N T THE ULTIMATE SUPERCOMPUTING-CLASS PERFORMANCE FOR REAL-TIME 4K The AMD FIREPRO™ W9100 WORKSTATION GRAPHICS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY GRAPHICS CARD TO OFFER 32GB OF GPU MEMORY. 1 The AMD FirePro W9100 32GB is designed for the most demanding workflows and delivers the ultimate 4K experience in next-generation workstations. Powered by OpenCL™, creative professional in media & en- tertainment can fly through edits, filters and color corrections, and process multiple effects in real-time across up to six 4K displays. WORK AT A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF DETAIL, SPEED, RESPONSIVENESS AND CREATIVITY WITH SUPERCOMPUTING-CLASS PERFORMANCE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Designed, built and thoroughly tested by AMD, creative professionals in media and entertainment can rely on the power of AMD FirePro™ profes- sional graphics processing units (GPUs) for their digital content creation and non-linear video editing needs. AMD FirePro combines cutting-edge technologies, app certification and optimizations as well as profession- al-grade support to deliver unmatched workflow performance, application experience and reliability OPTIMIZED + CERTIFIED FOR PROFESSIONAL APPLICATIONS The full line-up of AMD FirePro™ desktop workstation graphics cards offer powerful next-gen technologies to efficiently balance 3D workloads without compromising the outstanding visual quality, app responsiveness and compute performance that Media & Entertainment professionals need. At AMD, we are focused on helping customers and technology partners harness the power of AMD FirePro™ professional graphics to advance the development of computing systems and software, new ways to access, visualize and interpret data, collaborate with others and share information. AMD FIREPRO PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS OFFER: TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION • GCN Architecture: Designed for rendering and GPU com- pute applications • AMD Eyefinity: Drive up to six 4K Displays • PCI Express 3.0: More perfor- mance with more bandwidth FUTURE-PROOF PERFORMANCE • Application Optimization and Certification • Support for open standards: OpenGL™ and OpenCL™ ENTERPRISE-GRADE RELIABILITY • Long-term availability • Three-year limited warranty • 24x7 Support Desktop and mobile workstation systems powered by AMD FirePro are available from many vendors, including HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Supermicro and many more. Visit to learn more Footnote: 1)AMD FirePro™ W9100 features 32GB of GPU memory. Nvidia's highest memory card in the market as of April 2016 is the Quadro M6000 with 24GB. Visit http://images.nvidia. com/content/pdf/quadro/data-sheets/NV-DS-Quadro-M6000-24GB-US-NV-fnl-HR.pdf for Nvidia product specs. FP-194

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