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april 2016  /  the tasting panel  /  83 New Amsterdam Original "Witch hazel, dried lemon peel, mineral on the nose. Mineral and dried grains on the palate with a clean, zesty finish." —Chris Barragan "Hot and sharp on the nose, sharp- ness confirmed on the palate with heat and a clean finish. Dissipates quickly, pure clean example of a heavily distilled vodka." —Jonathan Daniels New Amsterdam Citron "Light, exotic tropical fruit and fresh lemon. Lingering taste, refreshing water with lemon on the next level." —Quintin Ellis "Zesty lemon and sugar with grape- fruit notes. Spicy and smooth with dry finish." —Jesse Hom-Dawson New Amsterdam Orange "Nose of tangerine and orange Tic Tacs. Hits sweet area of palate right off the bat with a rush of bright orange notes from tangerine and blood orange to classic navel. Sweetness masks ABV level for an easy sipper." —Blaine Adams "Nose of orange fruit leather. More meat and peel of orange, slight sweetness up front and finishes with an almost candy- like sweet orange." —Sean Hamilton New Amsterdam Mango "Nose of ripe mangos. Rushes back with bright, sweet mango notes, hits mid-palate with a touch of citric notes, clean finish, like a mango juice stopped by a bar for a minute."—Blaine Adams "Jam-packed flavor, rich mango on the nose and taste. A lush bouquet of mango would mix well with a Cosmopolitan; works well with or without mixer." — Quintin Ellis New Amsterdam Peach "Intense and perfume-like on the nose. On the palate, strong flavors of peach, nectarine and mango. Reminds me of a sweet sherbet." —Jonathan Daniels "Fragrant, floral blossom nose. Apricot and baked peach cobbler, cinnamon finish." —Jesse Hom-Dawson New Amsterdam Pineapple "Fresh pineapple, clean finish. This would be great in a play on a Mojito cocktail." —Ann-Marie Verdi "Fresh-pressed pineapple juice. Slight sweet with a drop-off in finish." —Sean Hamilton New Amsterdam Berry "Fresh-picked raspberry and loganberry notes with taffy-like aromas. Blueberry and vanilla flavors on the palate with a white pepper finish." —Chris Barragan "Berry nice! Strawberries and raspber- ries shine on this one; we added a little heat to contrast the sweetness for our 'Kick in the Head' cocktail." —Ann-Marie Verdi New Amsterdam Coconut "Powerful exotic raw coconut, takes you to the beach. Bouquet more than pleasant on the pallet, lingers with lavish tropical coconut on the tongue." —Quintin Ellis "Dry-toasted coconut on the nose, viscous body with a perfume-like blend of coconut and vanilla." —Jonathan Daniels New Amsterdam Pineapple Sun-kissed ripeness leads to a dried candied pineapple on the nose. With first sip, the juice flows and the fruit's true nature demands attention. Mocha notes dot the fruit, making for an unexpected twist to the delicious finish. 91 New Amsterdam Peach Nose of orange blossoms and perfumed rose water. The 5x distilled gives it a smooth, round mouthfeel with hints of ripe, juicy stone fruit, vanilla and Jolly Rancher, with a finish of zesty citrus peels. 91 New Amsterdam Coconut On the nose, a burst of freshly cracked coconut leads to vanilla bean and a playful candied coconut Life Saver with a hint of spearmint and pineapple on the mid-palate. A smooth, long finish dancing with lightly toasted coconut. 91 New Amsterdam Red Berry Black cherries and ripe raspberries lock in the perfume up front for a sweet and pungent aroma. The taste profile brings in notes of the peppered pit with a hint of sage, enhancing the depth of the spirit itself against the crimson-fruited backdrop. 90 At The Bellwether in Studio City (left to right): Quintin Ellis, Head Clerk at Bevmo! in Encino; Jesse Hom-Dawson, Editorial Assistant at The Tasting Panel; Jonathan Daniels, Bar Manager at The Bellwether; Ann-Marie Verdi, Beverage Director at The Bellwether; Blaine Adams, Beverage Director at Barrel & Ashes in Studio City, CA; Chris Barragan, Lead Bartender/Sommelier at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse in Woodland Hills; and Sean Hamilton, Bartender at Sassafras in Hollywood. Cocktails courtesy of The Belwether, Studio City, CA Not Your Mama's Mule ◗ 1½ oz. house infused kaffir lime– and ginger-infused New Amsterdam Vodka ◗ ¼ oz. simple syrup ◗ ½ oz. POM Pomegranate Juice ◗ 20 ml. lime juice ◗ 2 oz. Bundaberg Ginger Beer Build over ice and garnish with a lime twist. Kick in the Head ◗ 1½ oz. New Amsterdam Red Berry Vodka ◗ 3 oz. house-made sweet and sour ◗ ¼ oz. fresh orange juice ◗ ¼ teaspoon finely chopped Thai chilies Shake, pour over ice and garnish with a lime twist or Thai chili. Putting New Amsterdam Flavors to Work

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