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BITS & PIECES 5 POST MARCH 2016 SANTA MONICA, CA — King and Country ( design studio created the new on-air identity for horror network Chiller. The re- brand package emphasizes Chiller's new mainstream horror/thriller content with the promise of compelling, high-quality entertainment — while still honoring the classic tagline, "Scary Good." "In the time leading up to the rebrand, Chiller became the only network dedicated to horror entertainment 24/7," says Shea Pepper, VP creative, marketing, Syfy/Chiller. "We wanted to fully embrace that identity, and King and Country gave us an on-air environment as premium as our new main- stream content." The goal for K&C was to create a dynamic, contemporary graphics toolkit that truly possessed the soul of the Chiller network. Using a combi- nation of live-action and VFX, K&C took Chiller's signature "sliced" screen look to a gritty level with photoreal cracked glass and creepy environ- ments, such as a forest, an abandoned house, a victorian bedroom and a subway tunnel. The transitional device of mirrored footage allowed for endless graphically-composed scenes. "We wanted to develop a modern conceptual style that echoed Chiller's film-dominated content without actually showing violence or gore," says Rick Gledhill, partner/creative director at King and Country, who led the project. "It had to be atmospheric, textural, and gripping — but most of all, we wanted to establish a visceral response that made being scared fun." Within each promo environment, an ominous character — a man with a chainsaw, an Edwardian nurse, a stalker or a forest nymph — randomly jumps out at the viewer from various places on the screen, depending on how the promo is edited. Animated shards of glass crack and slide to be- come the base for navigation of programming-related information. K&C developed a comprehensive messaging system that unified and encompassed all of Chiller's current branding systems and looks, including their three signature nights: "Throwback Thursday," "Friday Night Premiere" and "Don't Watch Alone." It was imperative that the graphics toolkit not only be highly flexible and unified for a broad range of promotional materi- al and packages, but also align with Chiller's overall brand identity. "We devised a curated system of short elements that act as modular building blocks, which can be effortlessly interchanged in many ways," says Gledhill. "For instance, sometimes the stalker in the tunnel will get you, and sometimes he won't. Sometimes you'll see the ghost in the mirror, and sometimes you won't. It's the editor's choice — and this ability to turn the characters on and off makes the package interactive for the viewers and hopefully, sends a chill up their spines." K&C's approach was that every detail be well planned, so there were no surprises during the shoot or in post production. The environments were created entirely in CG in After Effects and Cinema 4D. The characters were shot on greenscreen during a one-day shoot in Hollywood. K&C shot the live-action on a 6K Red Epic Dragon camera, which also provided Chiller with print assets. KING AND COUNTRY CREATES ON-AIR ID FOR CHILLER

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