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Winter / Spring 2016

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5 8 | t h e c l e v e r r o o t CITRUS STORY AND ILLUSTRATION BY JEFF COX S ome of the most interesting citruses for the chef or gardener are also some of the less well known. Get your mind off of navel oranges, tangerines and pink grapefruits, and think more about yuzu, Buddha's Hand citron, Australian finger limes and kumquats. ese aromatic citruses share some traits. e plants tend to be woody, dwarf to semi-dwarf shrubs and small trees about six to 16 feet tall, relatively cold hardy to USDA Zones 7 or 8 (10 to 15 above zero F. respectively), and somewhat thorny. And while their fruits have been used in Asia and Australia for centuries, they are just now break- ing through into Western cuisines. WINTER ANATOMY OF

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