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Winter 2016

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7 LOCAL LOCAL PERSPECTIVE BY TOMMY COLE Business Representative, I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 First of all, Happy New Year to all … friends, past co-workers, active and retired 706ers. I do hope you had a joyful and won- derful holiday season and that 2016 has California bustling with an abundance of work generated by the incentives that we (and you) all worked so hard for. This is our first Artisan issue for 2016 and also the start of my fifth term and thirteenth year as Business Representative, and I am truly looking forward to a productive three years ahead for our Local. During the first week of the new year, our newly elected and reelected 706 Officers were sworn in for the 2016– 2018 term; I would like to acknowledge and thank all those who ran for office; their commitment to their Local is what helps make our union strong and a viable part of our industry. The positive work our Board of Trustees and the Executive Board accomplishes throughout the year is an outstanding example of what unionism stands for, and what can be achieved by like-minded members with just one agenda … to serve and represent each and every 706 member fairly and equally. They all make us proud! For those who don't know the par- ticulars, on June 1, 2014, the Motion Picture Television Fund (MPTF) tran- sitioned its six primary care clinics to UCLA Health. The driving force behind this move was to connect members of the entertainment industry with a more sophisticated, well-funded, larger and more progressive health system than MPTF could manage on its own. In short, MPTF wanted to "future-proof " primary care for the entertainment industry for many years to come. UCLA Health has proven, over the past 18 months, to be an extraordinary and beneficial partnership for not only our membership, but for the entire entertainment industry. They have retained most of the medical and clinical staffs that you are used to, expanded services and hours, and are beginning to renovate some of the primary care clinics. Toluca Lake will be the first, followed by Bob Hope and a brand-new 50,000 square foot Jack Skirball Health Center in Calabasas. UCLA Health patients' portal, my.uclahealth.org, now offers mobile and online access for lab and radiology test results, viewing refer- rals, billing and communication with your doctors. My wife and I use this portal for communicating with our primary doctors about appointments, any medical concerns and prescriptions. It works very well, and our doctors answer us in a timely fashion. As UCLA/MPTF Health expands its presence to our indus- try, it is also bringing specialists on board and in many cases, re-locating them to our primary care clinics; instead of having to make a separate appointment at someplace other than the clinic, you now have an opportunity for "one-stop shopping." This is an incredible convenience to our industry members who are frequently pressed for time. MPTF and UCLA Health continue to work together on health management issues that focus on taking care of you outside of the doctor's office; and you'll still find MPTF social workers at all of the health centers. I'm proud to be on the Advisory Board for MPTF and grateful that the Fund and UCLA are working together to bring such a high level of care to its community. Their progres- sive and farsighted vision, along with our hard-fought-for health coverage ben- efits gained through collective bargaining makes for the ideal combination ... it's a win-win collaboration. Local 706 lost some wonderful mem- bers this last year, and I would like to acknowledge these talented artisans: Retired body make-up artist Twyla Milano; regional make-up artist Rande Harris; retired journeyman make-up artist and past Local 706 Business Representative Henry (Hank) Vilardo; journeyman make-up artists Jene Fielder-Harris and Robin La Vigne; Pink Contract hair styl- ist Julie Palasek; journeyman hair stylists Don Sheldon, Rachel Dowling, Robert Hallowell and Dino Ganziano. May we never forget these gifted make-up art- ists and hair stylists for their talent and generous contributions to their Local and the entertainment industry. Lastly, with the holidays just behind us, I would hope there might still be a little bit of giving left in you. With that said, there are two individuals that I would like you to look after. The first person is yourself … Make a New Year's resolution to take care of your health; get that checkup that you have been putting off; get rid of those extra holiday pounds and make use of that treadmill that acts as a place to hang your clothes. The second person to help is a friend … this could be a neighbor, relative or co-worker … someone who is down on their luck and needs an act of kindness. This gesture could be as little as a hug or a word of assurance or bigger still … a meal, a loan or even a job. Your simple selfless generosity could change someone's life, and put them on a positive track. Try it … I truly believe in karma … you get what you give. May 2016 be full of good karma and good steady jobs. Please enjoy this issue of The Artisan. Sincerely and Fraternally, May 2016 be full of good karma, and good steady jobs. " " Sincerely and Fraternally,

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