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Winter 2016

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40 SECRETARY-TREASURER NEWS EXTENDED FAMILY NEWS LOOKS LAST LOOKS NEWS HEALTH AND WELFARE NEWS CREW CREW SHOTS CREDITS PHOTO CREDITS GUILD GUILD NEWS In Memoriam Dino Ganziano (1938–2015) Dino Ganziano joined Local 706 in 1980 and became a journeyman hair stylist in 1981, after working in network television, then transi- tioned into feature fi lms, movies of the week and episodic television. He was widely known—not only as one of the best precision hair- cutters in our business, but also for his skill with wigs. His biting sense of East Coast humor, perpetual tan and innate ability to make you laugh at the most inopportune moment, kept the trailer and set lively. Dino was the personal hair stylist for Jon Voight and did more than eight productions with him includ- ing Pearl Harbor, Anaconda, The Rainmaker, Enemy of the State and others, and was often noted as the hair stylist who gave Sean Connery his distinctive hair style on The Hunt for Red October. Dino won the Emmy for The Mystic Warrior and the hundreds of Native American wigs and was nominated four more times for War and Remembrance, Star Trek, 61* and Murder, She Wrote. He served on both the Local 706 Board of Trustees and Executive Board, and generously donated his time and skills whenever called by his Local. Dino retired in 2002 for health reasons, but passed away last summer. Local 706 was only notifi ed last week of his passing, from his son Giancarlo. (Louise) Rachel Dowling (1958–2015) Her beautiful, lilting Irish brogue, her quiet but impish sense of humor, ethereally dressed in white or cream, and the ability to do hair with great artistic fl air. Rachel Dowling learned her television hair styling craft in Ireland, immigrated in the 1980s and began her new phase of life in California. Her skills and professional- ism propelled her into Local 706 and she never stopped. After becoming a member in 1990, it only took two years before she became a journeyman hair stylist. Her gentle stability and reliability kept her on television sitcoms for years at a time. Roseanne, Wings, Step by Step, The Drew Carey Show, The Suite Life on Deck and numerous other productions kept her in constant demand, and her co-workers loved working with her. Rachel won an Emmy in 2011 as part of the hair styling crew on Dancing With the Stars, and she was again nominated in 2012. Rachel is survived by her husband James O'Regan and children Aine and Emytchka James. Services for Rachel were held at Forest Lawn cemetery on December 1, 2015, but she will be interred in Ireland early in 2016. Top: Rachel (right) with Jennifer Guerrero. Right: Rachel with her husband. Photos courtesy of Jennifer Guerrero and Aine O'Regan Robert L. Hallowell (1960–2015) With the kindest heart, a smile that would light up the room and a gift for hair styling that made him popular on features, television and the red carpet, Robert Hallowell left a legacy of love and admiration. He became a member of Local 706 in 1990, and became a journeyman hair stylist within six months. His love of the craft and fl air for contemporary, period styling and wigs kept him constantly working with top stars. Robert had an extensive resume of features from The Mummy, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, George of the Jungle, Cutthroat Island, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Stuart Little 2, Blast From the Past and many others. He also styled numerous television series and movies of the week: ER (pilot), The Geena Davis Show, Commander in Chief, Two and a Half Men, Ellen, Equal Justice, Sledge Hammer!, Weeds and The X Factor. Robert was the personal stylist for Geena Davis, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lucy Liu, Brendan Fraser and Faye Dunaway. Known as "The Kitchen Beautician," Robert developed an organic hair care line known as "Prawduct," and he gave his time to Local 706 members generously sharing his knowledge and skills. He was nominated for a Hollywood Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Award in 2001. Robert passed away from complications of lymphoma on November 22, 2015. Intensely private, he did not share the information until the very end of his life. He is survived by his sister Paula Hallowell. Robert did not desire a traditional service, but Paula has relayed there will be a party in a park to celebrate the life of her beloved brother Robert. Local 706 will notify the membership as soon as plans are fi nalized. in 1990, and became a journeyman hair stylist within six Top: Rachel (right) with Jennifer Guerrero. Right: Rachel with her

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