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Winter 2016

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Photos: Howard Berger ????????? only a little bit of blonde/reddish wash-out color that kept the haze of this previous hair color. The hair was much longer now, so it looked like it had grown out but maybe he cut it himself. To dress the wig, I wet down the entire wig with water and mixed in a product called "Sweat," which leaves the hair in a pliable state throughout the day. Of course, I still started my day with David, shaving back his hairline past the crown, as I did in the fi rst wig. My lead actress was Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Gugu wore a three-quarter hairpiece that I made myself, built it to make her hair look longer. Her own hair doesn't grow very long and the curl is a very tricky. I didn't think I would be able to have it made with human hair so instead I found a syn- thetic wig that was wefted, cut it up and pulled her hair through the wig to blend the colors and the curl. I made six (6) three-quarter pieces that I used throughout the entire movie except for the last couple of scenes where there is a three-year jump. For the three-year jump, I used her own hair, which was much shorter, styled differently to show a passage of time. Arliss Howard played Dr. Joseph Maroon. Howard wore a full lace wig that I designed and applied in grey tones to be age appropriate. Waters' Mother was played by L. Scott Caldwell. She wore a human hair wig that I styled appropriate to her character, used a small curling iron and pinned it into a shape that looked good on her. The rest of the cast: Alec Baldwin, Mike O'Malley, Eddie Marsan, etc., was shared by my fantastic second, Sherri Bramlett, and I. The David Morse and Arliss Howard wigs were made by my Canadian soul sister, Stacey Butterworth. I want to say a special thank-you to Department Head Make-up Jacenda Burkett and her second, Marianne Skiba, who were a joy to work with. Pierce Austin and Judy Murdock, who were personals for Will Smith, Tami Lane, who did such a great make-up on Albert Brooks, and to all my Pittsburgh hair friends. Thank you all for doing such a good job. See you at the movies. • '' A n y o p p o r t u n i t y t o d e s i g n a n d c r e a t e p o r t r a i t m a k e - u p s o f r e a l p e o p l e i s a l w a y s a w e l c o m e d c h a l l e n g e . " – H o w a r d B e r g e r From top: David Morse as Mike Webster during his induc- tion into the Football Hall of Fame; Morse in his fi nal days alive as Webster; close-up of Morse's hands.

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