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February 1 - February 22, 2016 5 Working World l impressive depth of knowledge, intellectual rigor and scholarly panache that distinguished his first book. Adler is well known for popularizing the Western intellectual tradition and making it accessible. A noted public educator, he chaired the board of editors at Encyclopedia Britannica and helped create the Great Books of the Western World program. getAbstract recommends Adler's personal communications guidebook as thoughtful fare full of worthwhile lessons on how to speak and listen in sharper, more useful ways. Mortimer J. Adler | From HOW TO SPEAK HOW TO LISTEN by Mortimer J. Adler. Copyright © 1997 by Mortimer J. Adler. Reprinted by permission of Touchstone, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. 1997 | 280 pg. | ISBN: 9780684846477 4. WIDGETS Engage and motivate your employees by treating them like human beings. Employee engagement expert Rodd Wagner accurately diagnoses the troublesome state of the modern-day workplace and offers sensible, long-term solutions for employee engagement. After the turmoil of the recession, employees are wary. Employers must guarantee stability if they expect employees to be loyal. To re-establish connection, Wagner suggests organizations start by treating their workers like people instead of "things" or statistics. A healthy dose of humanity can do wonders to repair the damage some companies inflict on their workforces. Wagner anchors his material around 12 logical rules that getAbstract recommends to executives and managers. Rodd Wagner | McGraw-Hill 2015 | 256 pg. | ISBN: 9780071847780 5. HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO DO STUFF To persuade people, use scientifically proven insights from the psychology of motivation. Behaviorist Susan M. Weinschenk explains how to persuade others to "do stuff" you want done by using the findings of neuroscience and psychology to tap into seven basic human motivational drives: "the need to belong, habits, the power of stories, carrots and sticks, instincts, the desire for mastery," and "tricks of the mind." She cites scientific studies that affirm some aspects of the "folk wisdom" of motivation and overturn many others, triggering a revolution in behaviorism. Though Weinschenk skates over issues of potential manipulation, she packs smart insights into her punchy, unflinchingly practical book. getAbstract recommends her guidance to managers, marketers and leaders seeking straightforward, evidence-based strategies for influencing and persuading people. Susan M. Weinschenk | How to Get People to Do Stuff: Master the Art and Science of Persuasion and Motivation by Susan M. Weinschenk, PhD. Copyright © 2013, Pearson Education Inc. and New Riders. 2013 | 224 pg. | ISBN: 9780321884503 Reviews provided by: JOB OPPORTUNITIES Inside Sales/Marketer Printing and Publishing company in Glendale, CA. For Immediate Hire! Hourly Pay, Plus Commission, Plus Multiple CASH BONUSES! Call (818) 291-1111 BE A CERTIFIED BANKRUPTCY or IMMIGRATION PARALEGAL only $395 Jobs Pay Up to $30 hr 94% Placement Rate Private Classes Also Available Certificate & Resume 626-918-3599 Cell Funds is currently hiring for sales positions which have unlimited earning potential. This position offers flexible hours to meet your schedule. Performance bonuses provided. We offer a position with meaning, that helps the environment and children, all while making money. Please contact Danny or John with inquiries at 866-874-6759. SALES WITH A PURPOSE TRAINING PROVIDED

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