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180 LA's Gavin Milner and Grant Holland (L-R): The agency recently conceived spots for Boost Mobile, which imply Mrs. Claus and Frosty the Snowman have a special kind of friendship. Curious Pictures provided stop- motion animation. Technology and the economy play major roles in what agencies and post houses can do while client expectations remain as high as ever. By KEN McGORRY How is the age-old relationship between advertising agencies and post production service providers changing? New technology is obviously helping to crunch deadlines while it also opens creative minds to previ- ously unimagined visual possibilities. But the demon economy is also an actor in this drama — real headlines and real economic figures give substance to the ongoing push to lower budgets and shorten production schedules. Add to that the splintering of television audiences and the plethora of devices on which they can now communicate and receive their information and entertainment and you've got quite a different landscape in the advertising world today compared with even five years ago. Advertising's Changing Equation

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