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February / March 2016

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A Call You Can Not Ignore We stand at the precipice of great change. Learn the Way of the EarthKeepers, and the wisdom of the Shamans. Heal yourself, Heal the World. SHAMANIC ENERGY MEDICINE MASSACHUSETTS, OCTOBER 2016 COSTA RICA, MAY 2016 Begin your journey today Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. Founder of the Four Winds Society and bestsellingauthorofShaman,Healer,Sage, PowerUpYourBrain, and One Spirit Medicine. Find out more: www.thefourwinds.com Toll Free: 877-421-7053 Fast track, full immersion course Prepares wise & ethical energy medicine practitioners Fast track, full immersion course Prepares wise & ethical energy medicine practitioners our inbox Transformed by WLT I just fi nished reading the December 2015/January 2016 issue at the library. The articles by Lora Wedge ("From Isolation to Connection: Transforming our understanding of Alzheimer's") and Laura Baker "End of the Road: How far should you go to follow your passion?") were captivating and contained wisdom I will take with me. I'm Roman Catholic and don't do New Age, but this Transformation Issue contained something for everyone, and I found the two articles very transformational and affi rming for me. • "Because of the modern obsession with objectivity, we don't value what we can't measure…" • "That was it. That was the money I decided to walk away from, the dream I had given up everything for, because achieving it simply wasn't worth the cost of losing myself. It doesn't matter how much money you sink into an idea, how many hours you've spent nurturing it, or how many people you have convinced to believe in you if the pursuit of it leaves you homeless, hungry, hopeless and most of all lost. It was time to let it go." Wow! I will be studying these quotes, possibly until they are memorized. [They are] that good! —Rachel Campbell, via email Unsound Sound Healing I'd like to comment on the changing times in the sound healing community ("The Healing Power of Sound," December/ January). When I started my practice 24 years ago as a trained Bio-Acoustic practitioner, and later as a certifi ed sound therapist, it was quite an uphill struggle. People would laugh and sarcastically say, "Yeah, your sound, voice or music is gonna heal my pain (or arthritis, or tumor, or whatever), right!" And most of the patients I had were seniors frustrated with unsuccessful treatments, not to mention dangerous drug prescriptions, from the traditional medical fi eld. Now, I'm happy to report, although sound therapy may not be a readily accepted healing modality by the medical or mainstream communities, it is growing r ather nicely in the holistic and alternative communities. For the fi rst time in years, I have more young and mid-age people gaining benefi t from my healing practice. However, I'm [also] hearing from more and more clients about so-called, healers, practitioners and even a number of musicians who are calling themselves sound healers, and have no qualifi cations to do so. This practice misrepresents the professional fi eld of sound therapy and sound healing. Unfortunately, there is no organization responsible for monitoring or properly certifying qualifi ed sound healers. Consequently, until we can create a system to monitor ethics and standards in this burgeoning fi eld of practice, anyone can call themselves a sound healer. —Wayne Perry, West Hollywood HIKING IN COYOTE COUNTRY | FESTIVE VEGAN FARE December/January 2016 | Free + FRANK GEHRY AND THE L.A. RIVER WHEN IT'S RIGHT TO SAY "I'M WRONG" THE TRANSCENDENT ORGASM TRANSFORMED BY SOUND TONES THAT HEAL & REVEAL IN THE MOMENT WITH ALZHEIMER'S ANGELENO-TATAVIAM WALK FOR THE ANCESTORS YOGA TEACHER TO YOGA SCHOLAR • • • february/march 2016 9

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